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Our cloud-based contact centre software helps businesses provide better customer care, sell more and improve operations. Daktela provides all your communication with customers in one application.


Trusted by 1200 + customers of all sizes

Transform your customers’ journey into an extraordinary experience

Positive customer experience is key to business success. Daktela helps you create effective connections with your customers to ensure their experience is always positive.

Give customers choice

Let your customers choose the communication channel that suits them the best. Whether by phone, email, SMS, web chat, or social media. With Daktela, all communication channels are seamlessly connected in one single platform.


A global view of customer data

Our system gives you a 360-degree view of all customer information. So, when someone contacts you, you can resolve issues quicker as you have a complete picture of their communication history at your fingertips.

Ticketing System

Quickly resolve customer queries

With skill-based routing, you can ensure that your customers are matched with the person best suited to handle their enquiries, so you can quickly and efficiently resolve any issues.

Automation of processes

Complex reporting and Business Intelligence

Daktela supports unified reporting and real-time statistics across all channels. Intelligent analysis of customer communications will take your business management to a new level.

Comprehensive business management information

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Encounter a solution that will help your business flourish.

Grow your business with us

Daktela offers intelligent tools, modular solutions and pay-as-you-go options which help you optimise your resources and improve customer experience to accelerate your growth.

Reduce your communication costs

Benefit from significant savings with a Daktela Cloud solution on telecoms and infrastructure costs whilst maximising your productivity with smoother request handling, faster communications, and artificial intelligence for routine activities.

Cost optimisation in the contact centre
Professional Services

Let Daktela identify and analyse your needs and create a solution specifically designed to deliver your business goals. We design, develop, test, and implement solutions alongside you and train you to get the best from the solution we deliver.

Professional Services
Use Artificial Intelligence while retaining the human touch

Leave routine activities to robots and give more complex queries to your people. By doing this, Daktela allows you to be more efficient, giving customers the option to self-serve, but whenever the need arises, they can always engage with a real person.

Artificial intelligence and communication
All customer information on a single desktop

With Daktela, there’s no need to switch between different applications. We can connect and work with your existing systems, so you have everything working together in one place.


Daktela helps in all areas of business communication

Contacts Worldwide

You don’t have to be a Contact Centre to benefit from our features. Companies of any sector and size can use Daktela. We offer a range of options from simple Cloud-based telephony right through to complete Omni Channel contact centre solutions.

Business size

Daktela helps in all areas of business