17 years on the market and more than 1000 corporate customers, this is Daktela today

17 let na trhu

Last month we commemorated the 17th anniversary of Daktela. Our journey from a small start-up to a Central European leader in the contact center market was not easy or straightforward, but we would do it again without a second thought.

How did it all start? Daktela was founded as a small family business in 2005. The founders, Richard Baar and David Hájek, then began developing unified communications software for corporate use. In the first years of its existence, Daktela established itself mainly in the switchboard market, however, in 2009 both founders directed the company’s development efforts to the cloud call center market.

Even today we continue to develop and provide companies with special communication software that can completely monitor and automatically adjust and direct all communication with customers according to the situation. The latest modules of Daktela software can process all communication with the customer in a completely autonomous way, without the intervention of the operator.

Practically on the verge of adulthood, we can say that the first seventeen years of Daktela’s life were a period of constant growth, improvement of our web communication platform and the rapid expansion of our customer base. I am glad that the number of our employees is growing at a similarly dynamic rate; in the year-on-year comparison, today there are twice as many Daktelians as last year,” said Richard Baar, CEO of Daktela.

The successful period of Daktela’s development is confirmed not only by more than 1,000 satisfied customers, but also by record business results. Daktela’s turnover reached 253 million Czech Crowns, which is a third more year-on-year and profit before tax, interest and depreciation (EBITDA) increased to 74 million Czech Crowns. Daktela’s rapid expansion in foreign markets is also continuing this year, and we have recently entered the Romanian and Slovenian markets.

The fact that we offer our customers a truly unique and very reliable system is confirmed by a number of awards,” adds David Hájek, Head of Global Expansion at Daktela.

Last year, for example, Daktela was nominated for the “IT Product of the Year” award, and in 2020, Daktela CEO and Founder Richard Baar was cited in the prestigious “TOP 30 IT Personalities” poll, published annually by ComputerWorld in collaboration with CIO Business World.