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5 příkladů řešení efektivní zákaznické podpory v e-commerce

At the end of January, Daktela took part in a major e-shop solutions conference. The event was a great success for us, and we were able to meet and introduce ourselves to dozens of different companies. Most of these companies were either start-up operations looking at setting up an e-shop or were already operating to a small degree, often with only a few operators. What surprised us, was that many of these organisations believed incorrectly that they were too small to benefit from using the Daktela solution. After talking with us the changed their views and therefore we decided to create this blog to address this misconception within the wider marketplace.

Whilst Daktela is well known by large companies with tens or hundreds of operators, it is important to note that about a third of our customers are companies with up to five operators only.

The license model we have created for e-shops is ideal for any size of company

Below are some of the typical users of our e-shop solution:

  1. I have my own e-shop, which I manage myself, I use a mobile phone and Outlook to communicate with clients.
  2. I have an e-shop that is taken care of by my employees and we use a mobile phone and Outlook to communicate. We also offer customers the option of contacting via web chat.
  3. I have several e-shops that are taken care of by my employees.
  4. I have an e-shop, and in addition to activities in the UK, I also offer solutions abroad, such as Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic.
  5. I use a telephone system to support my e-shops, but I have no reporting from it and I use Outlook.


What solutions do we propose?

  1. Probably the most common solution is for new e-shop operations. If you handle everything yourself, you usually have communication with clients under control. In this case, the Daktela solution is especially suitable if you do not want to carry two mobile phones or present yourself with a personal mobile number. Thanks to Daktela, you can rent a virtual exchange with a fixed telephone number (Daktela will provide it free of charge). We can provide a range of functions such as setting time conditions, welcome and out-of-work notifications (Hello, you have called Daktela. leave us a message), forwarding the call to your mobile phone (even personal) or turn on call recording. You get some basic statistics regarding call traffic such as a list of calls, but since you’re in control you don’t need much more information so why pay for something you don’t need. By using Daktela in this way your e-shop looks professional and gains higher credibility for you. You still send and receive emails as normal through Outlook or similar e-mail solutions.
  2. In the next scenario you no longer manage the e-shop yourself but have several people who work for you and manage your e-shop for you. We still provide the same functionality as above for voice communication but now begin to expand upon that in this scenario. You will now need to manage the performance of these employees and for that you need our call centre (omnichannel) module. With this module you gain access to far more real-time and Historical management information allowing you to track individual, team performance and the overall performance of you e-shop operation. You can monitor whether all calls are processed, how long the customer must wait for a connection, whether you respond to missed calls and which employee resolves calls etc. Since the second most common communication channel for communication is email, a ticketing solution in the form of a helpdesk module is also included The Daktela l helpdesk allows you to capture all email communication with the customer, in addition to all voice communication. The biggest advantage of the helpdesk is the classification of communication with customers, employees have at their disposal all data from previous communication and therefore able to review this whilst engaging with customers.
  3. The common practice of organisations which utilise e-shops is that they have set up a larger number of e-shops, which are taken care of by several different people. Probably the worst option is to have the same telephone (usually mobile) number in all e-shops, so the employee never knows which e-shop they are calling and how to introduce themselves. Thanks to the virtual exchange, Daktela can offer you one (web) solution in which you handle all communication across individual e-shops. Each e-shop has its own fixed telephone number, so agents immediately have information that the customer is calling them on e-shop 1 or e-shop 5. Within the Daktela helpdesk, it also handles email communication, clearly arranged and paired with a specific e-shop customer.
  4. Within the Daktela omnichannel solution, you are not limited by geographical boundaries. You can work with the solution from anywhere where you have access to the Internet (from the office, home, hotel, holiday abroad), whether it is processing calls, e-mail or chat. Daktela can also provide you with international telephone numbers, so the customer has the impression that he is calling the e-shop information line in a given country, but he can no longer see whether the call is being handled from your office, a home office or from the other side of the world.
  5. With all of the above examples your existing telephone numbers can be moved into the Daktela voice services application ensuring that all of your communications is managed and controlled within one solution by us.

Do you solve in your e-shops some specific problem? Do not hesitate to contact us.