Active Call Center with Daktela Solution

Aktivní call-centrum s Daktela řešením

Active call-center with Daktela

Are you starting a call center? Do you want to make your call center more efficient and have a perfect overview of how productive your operators are? Daktela has 4 tips that you need to consider right in the beginning.

1. What should the contact form look like with imported and collected data…

Within each recall campaign, you can create contact forms for your operators that contain both imported (data we know) and queried (surveyed) data. In the forms it is possible to define any optional fields (custom fields), which can be of different types (text, URL address, phone number). The whole form is then simply stacked using the drag and drop function. The figure below shows an example of a form with imported and queried data.


2. What will be the statuses = results of individual calls…

It is necessary to create the respective status = call results for individual call campaigns. Statuses, as well as optional items, are then used for reporting, evaluating campaign success, and organizing the data collected. Daktela also allows you to set call rescheduling time for certain statuses.

3. How are the individual records to be called up…

Call-up campaigns can be divided within the call center for individual projects and individual operators. Thanks to Daktele, there is a certain number of operators for individual projects, or you can divide projects for better evaluation.

4. What should the operator call process look like (form loading / closing times)…

The system allows the operator to define his dashboard, within which various widgets can be accessed (can also be defined for recall campaigns). Widget displays eg calendar, operator statistics, numbers to call, recent operator activities, missed calls, etc.

With these initial steps to an active call center with Daktela you will have an overview of your call center quickly and easily!

And what else does Daktela do?

Predictive dialer: automatic pre-dialing

– Autodialer: cleaning of numerical databases

Daktela SMS conect: sending SMS in bulk

Daktela real-time reporting

Wallboard – Own greeting messages