Addressing the New Normal – Customer Contact


In these changing, and worrying, days it’s vitally important to stay in touch with your customers. A missed call, could mean lost business, or worse still, a lost client, nobody wants that.

I believe that many of your customers will change their routines, their preferences, their “modus operandi”. This means that you will need to change as well.

The fact of the matter is, if you are not prepared to change, you may well be left behind. Customers will “vote with their feet” and move to someone who can provide the services they want, in the manner that they wish.

So, what is it that I think all customers should have? A simple method of talking to your customers! This isn’t Rocket Science, what you need is the ability to keep in touch. Making it easy to do business with you, will mean you keep, and expand, your customer base.

Here at Daktela we are able to offer a variety of different ways for you to stay in touch with your customers, and the simplest, and easiest of all, is our Daktela Virtual PBX. This is a cloud based, telephony service that enables you, and your company, to take and make calls from anywhere. Its as simple as that.

Imagine being “at your desk” when you’re in the office, car, kitchen, or even home office. By using hard or/and soft phones you are able to stay in touch no matter where you are.

A simple to use, change, and expand, telephony service is essential. Pick up the phone, make or take that call. That’s all there is to it. Or is it?

Sometimes, I’m sure, your customers may want to send an email, or just ask a simple question via something like WebChat. The last thing you want, or need, are separate systems that take an age for you to update. You want something easy to change and understand, to be able to upgrade to new, exciting and “customer driven” technology, but without the need for you to gain a degree in “Operations” to make it work!

Our Telephony solution can “stand alone” and work as you’d expect, taking and makings calls. But it can also be easily expanded to include a variety of different technologies to enable you to offer all sorts to services to your customers. Give your customers what they want, how they want, and most importantly, when they want. Set up the services, with the help of Daktela or by yourself, to provide everything you need in the way of communications.

You don’t want to pay for those “expensive adverts”, that I’m sure you’ve seen on TV, that offer you the world, as long as you have “deep pockets”. Come to Daktela where we offer you the services that you want, at a price that’s affordable.

The bottom line is this. You need to stay in communication with your customers. Make sure they can talk to you if they have to. Make sure they can email you, if they choose to. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you, when they want to.

Ask Daktela “how can we help you?”