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Communication automation will significantly save time and operating costs even for large-scale projects in the public sector. The use of a cloud application ensures sufficiently high performance and system reliability.


We understand that both reliability and security are vital to those managing public administration projects.


Daktela infrastructure provides high performance, security and scalability. Our cloud application runs on four data centres and handles millions of interactions per month from tens of thousands of users.


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The Smart Quarantine Project

Daktela’s cloud application was part of the Smart Quarantine, which helps the Czech Republic locate and test for the COVID-19 disease promptly and isolate as many people as possible in quarantine.

Tracing Call Centre


Census Project

At Daktela, we participated with our application in the smooth progress of the “Census of inhabitants, houses and apartments” in 2021.

Census Project 2021


Line 1221

The Ministry of Health operates this line with technology provided by Daktela. In the last two years, the line was used to trace contacts and provide information related to Covid-19 and this year. It also helps people coming to the Czech Republic from war-affected Ukraine.

Line 1221 (CZ)

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