Artificial intelligence helps in HR


The HR chatbot is a virtual assistant that is increasingly being used by HR departments of larger companies today.
It has the power of artificial intelligence to converse with employees and automate HR operations such as recruiting, onboarding, managing or enhancing the overall digital employee experience.

With an HR chatbot, you can digitize the recruitment process. They can help you collect and filter resumes, evaluate job candidates, select candidates based on predefined metrics, track the progress of candidates, schedule interviews, provide career growth for individual employees, and even collect feedback from job seekers about their interview experience. The AI-powered HR chatbot also automatically collects candidate data and provides relevant information based on frequently asked questions, helping to make real improvements to companies’ recruitment processes. The HR chatbot also reduces and eliminates biases, tedious work and unnecessary stages of the recruitment and onboarding process.

By structuring your company’s welcome bot, you can help facilitate and organise the onboarding process for incoming employees. For example, connect them directly with an HR representative or conduct a digital onboarding process to help them access all available data sources. Easily connect them to important channels on the company’s communication platform, explain the company’s internal processes and introduce them to team members and managers. This saves a lot of time compared to the physical onboarding process and covers more topics in less time.


With an HR chatbot, you’ll cover routine HR processes like leave management, providing payroll and policy information, and automating employee engagement. You can use chatbots to automatically track and manage employee leave to facilitate approval processes for the entire organisation.

Instead of lengthy end-of-year feedback surveys, use chatbots to proactively solicit feedback from employees. Chatbots can be trained to casually ask for feedback, store and then analyse new information when communicating with employees. Chatbots can also engage employees and suggest strategies and solutions to improve their working conditions.

As we mentioned in the introduction, HR chatbots speed up most lengthy HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, leave tracking or processing, and query resolution.

You can upload frequently asked questions to your AI-powered HR chatbot. Thanks to machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), the chatbot can answer all queries 24/7 without getting tired or wasting time. This allows HR chatbots to handle repetitive questions from incoming candidates and save your employees’ time for other duties. 

In addition to technology solutions, there are a number of initiatives that can help companies develop a positive culture. However, HR chatbots can play a vital role in creating company culture by facilitating more consistent, meaningful and tailored interactions. They change and improve the way employees communicate and offer more than just a replacement for human interactions or one method of increasing automation.

HR teams are the heart of any organisation. HR chatbots can automate repetitive tasks and allow managers to use their time for more important tasks that require a human touch and empathy.