How to Build Your own Call Centre

Vybuduj si své vlastní kontaktní centrum zcela na míru

Whilst the traditional view of a contact centre of hundreds of people in a room answering calls may be being challenged at present, what is not in doubt is the need to communicate effectively with customers and prospects alike.

Whether your organisation currently uses a contact centre (or callcentre) today or not, one thing you have in common is the need to establish and maintain effective customer communication.

At Daktela we have adopted a new approach to the traditional view of the contact centre and our solution is to let you create your own platform that suits your own business needs. You know your business better than anyone and you know how your customers want to engage with you. So why not design a communication system that brings both together at a cost you can justify.

Our cloud technology allows you to select the functionality you want simply and easily. By ticking a box you get a licence that gives you what you want and that is all you pay for. As your business develops simply tick more boxes and you will get increased functionality it is as simple as that.

If you want a simple voice only solution with built in reporting tools that allows you to manage the performance of your people wherever they are then let us start with that. If that is all you ever want, then that is fine with us. If as your business develops you want to add more communication channels such as e-mail, WebChat or SMS then simply add these modules to your licences and start paying for them. If you are unsure if your customers want to communicate with you in this way, then trial them with customer first to gauge reaction.

As a cloud-based solution, we continue to add new functionality, this month we have added WhatsApp, Slack and Viber integration. If you don’t want them, then don’t use them but it should give you the confidence that our solution is the only Contact Centre your business will ever need.