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Daktela is your effective, affordable, and easy-to-use call centre software for small business. We are cloud based small business call centre solution with support of phone, email, webchat, sms, viber and whatsapp communication channels in one web application.


Our call centre software for small business offers reliable and cost-effective voice and SMS services. You can activate new phone numbers or port-in existing numbers from more than 60+ countries. Daktela is trusted by more than 1200+ customers in Europe.


Call Centre Software Features You’ll Love

Call Recording

Call Recording of both incoming and outgoing calls is standard. This includes all transferred calls both internal and external. All Recordings can be retrieved and played from the web interface provided. It is also possible to download recordings in a bulk.

Call Queues

The Configuration of call queues can utilise a range of different attributes. The most common ones are priority levels, customised announcements, and welcome voice prompts. All linked to different customer requirements.


Daktela provides you with an unlimited number of IVR tree options. These trees can also link together to form a chain. You can configure everything via our web interface, including recording your own messages. All IVR activity is stored for reporting purposes.

Contact card with communication history

By an incoming call the customer’s contact card is automatically opened. Once the call is ended the card is automatically updated without any manual setting done by the agent. Thus, a complete communication history with the customer is created.

Missed Calls Management

Daktela offers intelligent missed calls management system. Any missed call numbers are stored and Agents can then call these numbers back as required. You can also see statistics and reports on missed calls.

Priorities and skillsets

Queues can be set up with a range of different skill and priority settings. Once configured the system always chooses the best and most suitable agent for each call. You can change all configuration settings in real time.

Intelligent Call Routing Software

Daktela call routing software allows intelligent call routing of incoming calls to agents. Our LastAgent software routes calls to the person who last spoke with the customer. This ensures that the customer does not have to explain their problem again, saving time for both.

Historical statistics and reports

Daktela Call Management Software Reporting offers a full range of predefined historical reports for all supported communication channels. It can be used by the team leaders to evaluate the performance of their contact centre.

Predictive Dialer

Using our solution helps maximise agent utilisation and cost efficiency in the contact centre. The system is set up to call a list of telephone numbers. It screens out all unproductive calls to ensure it only connects a waiting agent to a live customer.

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Never Miss a Phone Call with Our Contact Centre Software for Small Business


Daktela small business call centre software makes it simple to manage your inbound call routing. Conditional call routing, using context-based inputs and other versatile selection capabilities. The Call Centre core is based on the Incoming call queues and IVR menus and can be reached using direct phone numbers (DID, DDI). Call recording, missed call processing, priorities, skills and much more.


Choose your best dialler option for small business call centre software. Outbound campaigns with manual, progressive or predictive mode. Drag & drop system for creating call scripts. Daktela Campaign Module allows you to easily import phone numbers, including a clear web-based call-script configuration that will be displayed to operators while in call.


Integrated, full featured multichannel support with a wide range of reports and statistics to monitor agent and organisation performance. Integration with company email. Automatically categorise incoming requests – eg. setting ticket category, priority, SLA and owner. Comments and attachments.

Web Chat

Adding web chat was never so easy. Use predefined design or create your own template. Visitor tracking, multi chat and survey support add to your website or e-shop web live chat. It is a popular communication channel which should not be missed out on any sales web. Chat transfers and consultation. Visitor tracking.

SMS Chat

Enables communication with your customers via SMS messages and those messages are brought together into communication threads. Support of all mobile phones which can send/receive a simple SMS message. Handle multiple SMS chats. SMS chat transcript.

Facebook Messenger

Communicate with your customers over the largest social network. Including attachment and picture support. It allows quick and simple interconnection of your Facebook customers with Daktela contact centre agents. Processing multiple chats at the same time.


Daktela Robocaller is used for an automated, robotic dialling of contacts, without operators. This is a special outbound campaign with phone numbers that Daktela dials automatically according to exactly set up definitions. Statistics and reporting. Maximum simultaneous calls.


Our own integrated and fully supported CRM solution. Our solution can be used as a Ticketing system for fault handling or a true CRM solution with full histories of all customer interactions. Attachments and contact forms. Automatic communication history. Import and Export.

Realtime Reporting

Statistics and reporting are possible in real time. Realtime and historical statistics are in one place for all channels. Many preinstalled statistics are included. It is also possible to create custom statistics. A Realtime panel with live monitoring is available. An LCD Wallboard is included as well as advanced filtering based on many parameters – users, queues, time, call statuses, etc.

Conference System

Daktela PBX has in a basic module high-end conference system. You can easily create a conference room protected by a PIN and if required configure pstn incoming phone number so participants can call in from all over the world. We provide Cloud PBX or PBX on premise.


Dashboards can be customised to fit the roles and responsibilities of each user. There is a variety of dashboard widgets for integration, reporting and functionality. Wallboard is a web application for a clear display of the immediate status of the call centre, optimised for LCD screens but works in regular computer screen as well.

Mobile Application

Core functionality of Daktela V6 application is accessible also via mobile application for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). You are able to handle communication with your customers or manage your contact centre wherever you are and from environment that is native to your phone.

Call Steering

Customers calling into your Contact Centre now have the ability to speak a particular word or phrase. Daktela automatically switches the call to the queue which has been associated with those words or phrases. Faster and more convenient call handling. Multi-Language Support.

Click to Call

Click-to-Call gives you the ability to add a call back widget to your website. Site visitor can easily enter their contact details and schedule a call back time that is convenient for them. Daktela uses the call back time selected to automatically connect call centre operators to the site visitor at the time they have chosen.

Video Chat

Call with video chat – customer is outside of office or his PC and the agent needs to get connected to customer’s mobile video. Customer receives SMS with one-time link for mobile video sharing.


Call with cobrowsing – one-time link is sent to customer’s email, which (when clicked on) will connect the customer directly to the call centre agent. In this case, agent sees customer’s PC screen and can guide it via phone on what to do.

AI Chatbots

In the increasing automated world, we provide you with the ability to create and manage your own customer interactions using a Robotic Agent which thinks for itself.


For those customers who want it we can provide our solution with Web RTC which allows you to operate your desktop in the way that your business requires.

Why Choose Daktela Call Centre Software for Small Business






All calls and data are stored in our UK/EU based data centres.

State of the art network topology providing consistent and impressive call quality.

Easily increase or reduce capacity based on your needs.

Technical support is available 24/7 across all communication channels.

Easily meet Ofcom, PCI DSS and GDPR standards.

Trusted by 1200+ Customers in Europe


How long will it take to have the Small Business Call Centre Software fully set up?

It’s super easy! Typically the Small Business Call Centre Software will be installed and activated just within 3-5 days, depending on your exact requirements.

What are the technical requirements needed from our business side to implement the Small Business Call Centre software?

All you need is LAN network, solid internet connectivity/latency and a phone. You can use IP phone, or free software phone or WEBRTC phone solution also free of charge.

Do I need to purchase any IP phones to run Call Centre Software for Small Business?

Yes, you can use IP phones with our Call Centre Software for Small Business solution if that’s your preference, but you can also easily opt for software phone or WEBRTC phone solution, both are completely free of charge and will cost you nothing, no investment needed.

What level of support is included with the Small business Call Centre Software?

We provide 24/7 technical support in English. Out technical support hotline is free of charge. We provide also online live status on all Daktela services that is available on

Which communication channels I can use with Daktela Contact Centre Software for Small Business?

Daktela Contact Centre Software for Small Business offers full range of communications channels, including calls, email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, diallers, and wide range of voice services provided. You can choose which channels you want to use.

Can I add more users licences and communication channels in future to Daktela Contact Centre Software for Small Business?

Yes, we at Daktela understand that each business have different needs and flexibility is at utmost importance for them. With Daktela Contact Centre Software for Small Business you can add or even reduce users licences on monthly basis as per your need.

Can I integrate Daktela Call Centre Software for Small Business with Salesforce or Microsoft Teams?

Yes. Daktela platform offers pre-built integration tools with many popular CRM, e-shop, WFM or back office systems. Some integrations can easily be turned on directly in the Daktela interface with just a few clicks, while others offer a smart phone bar directly in the application.
Daktela is integrated with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams solutions.

Can I have custom integrations with Daktela Call Centre Software for Small Business?

Yes. At Daktela we have our own team of developers who can integrate your CRM with Daktela Call Centre Software for Small Business or make any other custom integrations. We use standardised REST API for direct communication of your system with Daktela.

Does Daktela Small business Call Centre Software provides real-time and historical reporting tools?

Real time statistics and historical reporting packages is one of the most powerful features of the Daktela platform.There is no need to wait for the end of the week or month to see how you are performing. Daktela Reporting provides tools for real time reporting designed for management of contact centre operations with many standard reports available showing historical statistics.

Does Daktela Small business Call Centre Software has the option for call recordings?

Call Recording of both incoming and outgoing calls is always provided with Daktela Small business Call Centre Software. This includes all transferred calls both internal and external. All call recordings can be retrieved and played from the web interface provided.

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