Car showrooms and car repair shops

Artificial intelligence allows you to route your customers’ requests directly to individual sellers or specific technicians.

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Customers who have a great experience will buy again, be loyal, and recommend your business. With advanced communications, you can deliver the service customers expect.

Improve customer experience

Raise your customer care with a unique number

The customer wants to solve his order, whether he calls a salesperson, a technician or an assistant manager. Always direct the customer to the best people to deal with specific queries.

Call Steering

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Stay connected from anywhere

Using our mobile app, you can manage your teams if you are out of the office and keep everyone connected when they work remotely.

Mobile Application

Call recording as confirmation

Suppose a technician estimates the price of the car repair on the phone or a dealer estimates the price of a specific car. In either case, it is possible to find this information on our platform, even after several months.

Inbound Contact Centre Software

Requests will never be forgotten

Suppose a specific employee is unavailable when a customer calls. In that case, a ticket can be assigned to the right person, including a note or recording detailing the customer’s requirements.


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