Changing Face of Customer Communication in Travel Industry

Changing Face of Customer Communication in Travel Industry - Daktela

Next February we’ll be exhibiting at Travel Technology Europe, so ahead of the event we’ve been talking to some of industry’s leaders to understand the latest technological developments and challenges. Below we’ve highlighted our findings so far, as you will see many of these factors apply across many different business sectors

Cloud Migration:Like most industries the move to the cloud is a key dynamic within the travel industry. As a result, many of the traditional applications associated with the industry are becoming cloud based. This enables greater flexibility and the ability to quickly and easily deploy new digital communication channels in response to changing customer demands.

Automation Technology: The pace of technological change is accelerating and the implementation of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Intelligent ChatBots and two-way SMS are no longer concepts they are a reality within many organisations.

Demographic Demands: As customer demands change and a new generation of consumers come of age, travel companies are looking at different communication tools to address their demands. It’s noted that any new developments should not ignore or alienate the needs of existing customers.

Channel Availability: Heavily linked to the point above is the need to provide all the consumer communication channels required to ensure that all customers are provided with the same service irrespective of their channel communication preference.

Personalisation: As channel availability increases so does the need to effectively capture all data on customer transactions across all channels. It is crucial that all these individual transactions are captured, stored and utilised effectively to ensure that you are able to provide an effective customer experience which is personalised to the individual.

Marketing ROI: In an increasingly competitive market, travel companies are more focused on the need to maximise their marketing spend. Digital tools are being used to track and evaluate all customer data, bringing a total view of their customer metrics, irrespective of the channel of preference.

The Modern Contact Centre

Many Travel Companies do not operate a traditional contact centre, however the Contact Centre of 2020 will be far from traditional.

The use of multiple new technologies across a range of digital communication channels, coupled with the need for a personalised service, mean that the Travel industry is benefiting from the principals of a contact centre solution but there’s no longer a need for a room full of people in one location as the traditional view suggests.

Specialist travel consultants can still develop a one to one relationship with their customers, with the benefit that all interactions operate within a centralised Omni-Channel contact centre platform, providing a seamless experience for their customers.

Look out for our blogs over the coming weeks which expand on these and our final conclusions will form the basis of our Tech Huddle at the Travel Technology Europe expo taking place at Olympia London from 26-27 February 2020.

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 Shaun Holmes, Professional Services Manager of Daktela UK

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