Comprehensive business management information

The Daktela cloud application provides accurate online reports and monitoring, so you can determine how your contact centre works most effectively and achieves the most reliable results.

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Get essential statistics using real numbers

You can continuously monitor which areas of your contact centre have the most inbound traffic – allowing you to take measures quickly and efficiently to improve communication and enhance performance and productivity.


Define your own reports

You don’t have to click on each report separately. You can create your own comprehensive statistics that will display all the necessary reports. You can then send these reports to a distribution list that needs the information.

Advanced Analytics

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Monitor online whether your operators can handle requests

The customer never wants to wait. In the Daktela application, you can monitor the status of registered users and the status of queues, including ongoing activities, on the real-time panel. This allows you to make dynamic changes that improve performance on the fly.


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