Customer Care for Small and Beginning E-shops

Péče o zákazníka pro malé a začínající e-shopy

The number of e-shops is growing every year and the Czech Republic is considered a paradise for e-shops, because it is one of the most active in Europe. Already more than 10% of retail turnover in the Czech Republic takes place in e-commerce. Establishing an e-shop today is a matter of just a few days of work, but important is the subsequent marketing communication and customer care. In times of web browsers, product comparators and various blogs, it is necessary to offer customers something extra and to be able to differentiate themselves from the competition. Here we focus on customer support, which Daktela deals with and is the number one on the Czech and Slovak markets.

If you have only one starting e-shop and only you take care of it, in that case, you can do the basic solution, ie mobile phone and email on the google or list. However, if the number of customers increases and #FF5349 at the same time, the “basic solution” ceases to be effective and Daktela solutions are offered here.

Also, if you have multiple e-shops and want to keep all communications under control, Daktela offers an omnichannel solution that allows you to handle multiple communication channels in one system. That means phone calls, emails, webchat, SMS and selected social networks. There is also a Helpdesk module with a ticketing system, CRM module with automatic pairing of activities to contacts or news in the form of chatbot or cobrowsing. Daktela solution (application) can be connected with your e-shop solution, we have ready integration with the biggest e-shop solution Shoptet, Microsoft Dynamics and others. The Omnichannel solution ensures that all customer communications take place in one application / system, making it easier to understand customer requirements as you have all the data to control and run.

Nowadays it is necessary to pay attention to customer support and to make the communication with the e-shop as pleasant as possible. It is still true that the most popular communication channels are telephone and email, but in recent years, the popularity of webchat and social networks, such as facebook.

Thanks to Daktela voice services, you can tune your customers with a welcome message (according to working and non-working hours) or IVR signpost. While waiting for the connection, music is played to the customer, if he or she does not want to wait on the line, you have information about the missed call.

Daktela helpdesk module works on the basis of a ticketing system, so every request is registered (email, phone call, webchat, social networks) and you do not have to worry that one of the requests will fit and will not be answered. You can pass the tickets to each other, so you have all the previous communication immediately. We have already described the benefits of webchat and social networking in this blog.

And if you decide to expand abroad, Daktela solutions can be used wherever you have Internet access. We are already using e-shops throughout Europe, from destinations outside Europe we can mention, for example, the USA, Mexico, Vietnam or the United Arab Emirates.