Daktela Apps Ecosystem

Ekosystém aplikací Daktela

Daktela Mobile App – Daktela Browser Extension – Daktela Desktop App

In our first post about the Daktela Apps Ecosystem, we had a look at the Daktela Mobile App and how it can help you stay connected and provide excellent customer care even when you need to leave the office. The Mobile App is a handy tool and we are constantly working on adding new features and making it even better. In fact, we have just released a new and improved version that includes some interesting new features: viewing your CRM and Ticket change history, adding several email recipients, working with Ticket macros and favourites and viewing your Activities in Listings, among others.


The Daktela Apps Ecosystem doesn’t end when you get back to the office and start working on your PC. Sometimes you may not want to use the standard Daktela browser-based UI. The reasons can vary – you might e.g. need to have another application or web service open and switching between different browser tabs or app windows would be too time consuming and tedious, potentially lowering your service quality. That’s something you want to avoid as a matter of course.

Just like the Mobile App, the Daktela Browser Extension and the Daktela Desktop App let you control the most commonly used features of Daktela without needing to have the standard UI open. They are not meant to replace it but to complement it and to give you more flexibility in how you work with our product. And just like the Mobile App, both the Browser Extension and Desktop App are completely free with a Daktela licence.

Daktela Browser Extension

If you primarily work in a browser and your most common activities are calls, the Daktela Browser Extension is the right choice for you. Available for Chrome and Firefox, it lets you control your activities from a widget in the top right corner of your browser, allowing you to work in another browser-based application or website at the same time without having to keep switching back and forth between two browser tabs.


It works like a very simple integration that can mate Daktela contact centre capabilities with any other functionality you need from your other web-based applications. The upside is that it works out of the box without a need for complex setup or any developer involvement. You can read more about the Daktela Browser Extension including a full list of Daktela features it can control in our documentation.

Daktela Desktop App

On the other hand, if your software you need to use with Daktela is a standalone application, you will probably benefit most from using the Daktela Desktop App. It runs in an always-on-top window, meaning you can interact with any other piece of software that you have running on your PC and have Daktela open on top of it at the same time. In effect, it combines their functionality. Like the Browser Extension, it’s focus is primarily on calls, but you can also use it to accept chats. Once you accept a chat, you can use the button that will appear in the app to open it in the Daktela web interface in a new browser tab. You can then control your chat from there. You can find out more about the Daktela Desktop App in our documentation.


The Daktela Apps Ecosystem is there to help you work more effectively no matter what tools you use along with Daktela. If you would like to see how one or more of our Apps could help you work better, please get in touch with one of our sales representatives using the contact information available on our Contacts page. If you are not a Daktela customer yet, they can provide you with a free demo so you can try out all our features yourself.