Daktela Blacklists

Daktela blacklisty

Are you reaching a customer who has told you they no longer wish to be contacted? Do calls from unwanted numbers overwhelm your customer support? Daktela also has a solution for these cases!

Create a database of unwanted numbers, called Blacklists, which can be used for both active and passive callcenters.

Blacklist for an active call center

When actively reaching out to new customers, interviewees may disagree (GDPR) to contact them again. For these cases it is possible to create a blacklist into which the customer numbers will be collected. The creation of a blacklist database is linked to the state or states of calls. After disagreement, the operator enters the appropriate status for the number and then the number is transferred to the database. It is also possible to create more blacklists for different campaigns, or have only one. If the operator dials a number within the campaign and this number is on the blacklist, the system will automatically alert him by a message.

Blacklist for a passive call center

If you want to block a caller number, you can use various functions within the Daktela solution. It is up to you to choose the right solution. For the purposes of blocking numbers, the following may be used:

  1. Standard functions – Blacklists, as in an active call center
  2. Optional feature – use items within Daktela CRM
  3. Pass information through the programming API, where applicable

Blacklists help call centers increase the efficiency of operators and the entire call center by simply removing unwanted calls.

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