Daktela CRM Module

Jak je to s Daktela CRM modulem

In our portfolio of services you will also find a CRM module that can be purchased as an optional module for the Daktela call center module. The name is a bit misleading as it is not a “classic” CRM, but at the same time we cannot call it a “normal” phone directory.

The biggest advantage of this module is automatic pairing of all activities of the contact based on phone number, email address and facebook ID. The Daktela CRM module does not depend on a manual assignment of the activity by the operator to the given Contact. By storing the Contact or Company, the operator can immediately see on the phone or via the Daktela web interface which customer (name + company) just contacted the customer line. Furthermore, it has information on which operator the given contact communicated with, through which communication channel, when this communication took place or which tickets are currently being solved or were in the past. Thus, the operator has perfect information on the communication history with the given Contact and does not have to tediously search through other systems. This increases the efficiency of their work.

The whole Daktela contact center is built on API and so is the CRM module. More or less each of our customers have their own CRM or ERP system with a database of company contacts. These contacts are then unilaterally connected to the Daktela CRM module using the API, or supplemented with special items. For example, we refer to VIP Customer (preferably served), Blacklist (Customer requests do not reach the Customer Center), Vendor Name (these Contacts primarily reach their vendor listed here) or a unique Contact ID for automatically opening a contact card in the customer’s system. There are many possibilities and it is purely up to our customer what functionalities they want to use.

The Daktela CRM module is an important addition to the Daktela Contact Center. Due to its variability, it is suitable for all sectors (e-shops, real estate agencies, financial industries, travel agencies, etc.) and will provide a record of all communication with the given contact. The customer handles company processes, to-do list, business processes, reservations, order list, etc. in his own system. Daktela does not offer these features and does not plan to develop them in the foreseeable future. Daktela specializes in capturing communication with customers and thanks to individual communication channels and CRM module we are the market leader in this area.