Customer Service as a Revenue Generator : How Daktela is leading the way.


The Covid-19 crisis, despite the overall devastating impact, has provided new opportunities for businesses to fundamentally change how they operate.

Since the turn of the year, we have seen a considerable uptake in our technology from companies as diverse as High-end food delivery services through to Online Auctioneer’s and Medical transport specialists. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all keen to take advantage of new opportunities presented to them by engaging with their customers in a different way.

We believe that as lockdown rules gradually begin to ease it is paramount that we take stock of what we have learned. We need to continue to adapt and innovate, putting the needs of customers and employees at the heart of what we do. – According to Emarsys, Digital Marketing Agency 

Businesses with an Omni-Channel customer communication strategy increase revenues year on year by 93%, when compared to those who don’t.

It is more important than ever to communicate effectively with customers, listen to their feedback, be genuine, provide reassurance and constantly relate back to purpose and relevance.

This can all be achieved by offering your customers a consistent and efficient Omni-channel Experience. Put simply – Make the most of your customer relationships by giving them the ability to communicate the way they want.

An Omni-channel Experience integrates voice, chatbots, email and sms all in one platform. This seamless experience increases customer conversion and retention while helping you to increase revenue and save costs. 

Here’s how our solution can help you with Omni-Channel approach to communication:


Buyer frustration is one of the key reasons why consumers don’t repeat buy. Our solution allows you to provide the option for your customers to speak with the right person, at the right time, about their order, making the customer experience a positive one.  


Help reduce the cost of your contact centre operation by responding to hundreds of similar general queries on WebChats, SMS or Facebook Messenger, without using a live agent. We can provide a Chatbot that will handle all the queries automatically for you.


Our helpdesk application, with its modern web interface, improves the processing of customers’ requests and internal corporate tasks. Your customers can enter new requests via Phone, Email, WebChat, SMS and Social Networks. Daktela Helpdesk processes them intelligently and maintains a clear communication history with each customer. 


The advantage of the Daktela SMS Chat is its versatility and support of all mobile phones. Our SMS Chat also gives your customers the opportunity of developing two-way chats with you. This allows them to respond to individual agents upon receipt of a text message. We can also provide short code numbers and the option to display your company name.

At Daktela we combine state of the art contact centre and cloud-based virtual PBX services, an all-in-one communications solution with infinite possibilities.

If you would like to find out how an Omni-Channel customer communication strategy can help your business, please contact our team to find out more by phone on 0800 470 2159 or email at info@daktela.co.uk.

steve2Author:               Steve McSherry | Customer Experience Director
Published by:     Daktela UK ltd