Daktela Predictive Dialer

Daktela prediktivní dialer

Daktela predictive dialer

What is Predictive Dialer? Predictive dialer is a function of automatic dialing of phone numbers. Its primary function is to improve customer reachability and thus make the work of call center agents more efficient. It can be used in any company where it is necessary to call more contacts.

How does it work?

Anyone who knows how a campaign calling works knows that one of the biggest problems is the reachability of phone numbers in a campaign. Each number must be manually retrieved, and then the operator must call it and wait for the call to be connected.

Here’s an example

Lukas is an active call center operator. His job is to call as many campaign numbers as possible in a day. However, since each number must be manually retrieved and called, its work is not very effective. The total dialed time decreases at the expense of dialing time.

When using the predictive dialer function, each phone number is automatically pre-dialed so that the operator has as many minutes as possible.

The predictive dialer can pre-dial numbers in two ways:

  1. Dynamic pre-dialing – the number of calls is dialed so that the breaks between individual calls are kept as short as possible. It works on the basis of a formula that takes into account various parameters – they can change during the day (callability, call duration, number of operators).
  2. Static call pre-dialing – if the first option seems inefficient.

Predictive dialer in practice

The active call center has 10 operators to call as many numbers as possible within the survey. They have 30,000 phone numbers in the database that need to be called and polled.

Calling such a large number of phone numbers manually is tedious, so we can use the predictive dialer function. In routine practice, the most used option is dynamic call pre-dialing (option 1). After logging into the system, operators are automatically dialed the number of calls so that they have the maximum number of dialed numbers from the beginning to the end of the working hours. Of course, the system also takes into account the pauses of operators during working hours and the different number of operators.

By using a predictive dialer, some active call centers increase their efficiency within units up to tens of percent, but this also depends on the quality of the database.

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