Daktela Technical and Sales Support Continues Its Business As Usual, Making Operating from Home Easy

Daktela technická a prodejní podpora je k dispozici ve všech případech aneb

The health and safety of our employees, as well as our customers’ is very important to us. Whilst we are monitoring the situation around COVID-19 closely, Daktela technical and business support operates as usual and will continue to operate as usual.

How? It’s easy. Daktela V6 solution allows our entire organization to work from anywhere, at any time. Our technical support, sales consultants and developers are ready to handle all incoming calls from our customers safely from home, whether at home means to be in Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw or in London.

And the best part? All our customers using Daktela V6 All-in-One Contact Center solution are as ready, well prepared and have the exact same option for homeworking as us. Furthermore, we are ready to provide free support for all our customers in the form of consultations on how to keep your business operations running smoothly in case of an ordered COVID-19 quarantine.

If you are not our customer but you need the homeworking solution quickly to ensure the safety of your employees and allow your business to run as usual, you can call us at +44 (0)208 089 1452 or email us at daktela@daktela.com.