Data-Driven Customer Service

Data-driven customer service

Customer Path to Purchase

Delivering good customer service requires empathy, where the customer’s needs are at the heart of the conversation. By demonstrating that their concerns have been heard, we can build a loyal customer base. Providing solutions to issues goes a long way in creating valuable relationships, which is why customer service is essential to any company’s strategy.

Clients should feel that we care about their problems, and we can achieve this by asking questions and paraphrasing their concerns during conversations. This approach makes clients feel more comfortable, as it shows that we are focused on resolving their issues. Access to call history allows agents to anticipate emerging issues and handle them proactively, resulting in customers feeling satisfied and rating the conversation as helpful, friendly, and satisfactory.

Developing a Data-Driven Customer Service Strategy

A data-driven customer service strategy is built on three pillars: customers, data, and processes. Having a plan in place enables us to deliver real-time value to customers, but this can only be possible if we have clear and accurate information about the three pillars.

When building a data-driven customer service strategy, we should gather data from various sources across the enterprise. The data should be collected from the channels and platforms that the business operates in daily operations, and we must include all the channels that our target audience primarily uses.

Identifying Customer Needs

Customer service standards should be attentive to customer needs, where the customer feels that they are being served with a real, natural touch. Although it’s important to have defined rules and processes, it’s important to maintain some freedom of contact to allow employees to be perceived as spontaneous, sincere, and loyal. This approach defines professional customer service – all based on standardised procedures that are flexibly adapted to meet customer needs and expectations.


Kamil Dymkowski
Key Account Manager