Does business need a knowledge base and unified communication?

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Definitely yes!

Unified Communication (UM) and Knowledge Base, is a key success factor for any organization. The categorization of information allows easy and quick retrieval of needed communications, memos or corporate strategies, while management makes it possible to control access to sensitive data and reduce the risk of information confidentiality breaches. Also, combining communication channels gives you the opportunity to collect communication history, because customer issues are in one ticket.

Company information in one place

Daktela’s knowledge base provides effective information management, offering many useful features, such as categorisation of information, managing access permissions to specific categories, adding comments, attachments and tagging. Thanks to the integration of all communication channels, the knowledge base becomes a universal tool to easily and quickly solve problems and answer customer questions in different communication channels.

In practice, this means that employees using the Base and have access to the full and structured knowledge they need, to perform high level sales and customer service. 

Importantly, the information made available about the company and its product will avoid misunderstandings and mistakes by employees who simply may not always be informed about issues in a timely manner, or simply educate new employees.

Linking information

Tagging makes it easier to identify related information, which allows to solve customer problems faster and more effectively. All this makes Daktela’s Knowledge Base a tool that definitely increases work efficiency and improves customer service. Employees can access their communication tools from anywhere and on any device, which makes it simpler for them to stay connected and remain productive even on the road.

That’s not all! Above all, the company saves costs. Integrating multiple communication channels into a single platform eliminates the need to install separate systems. The Daktela collects the entire customer history in a single ticket and allows generating reports on the sales process.

Main functions of the Daktela Knowledge Base

  • Categorization of information
  • Management of category permissions
  • Ability to add comments
  • Ability to add attachments
  • Tagging
  • Integration with all communication channels in Daktela.


Author: Grzegorz Skoliński, Support Engineer  Daktela