Emergency Home Working Service

Over the last few weeks we’ve been devising and implementing our emergency home working strategy, so we’re prepared should the coronavirus escalate further.

We were already in a good position as our technology can be easily set up at home. We’ve shared our strategy with our customers and we’ve helped them develop theirs too. Now, what concerns me is the number of UK businesses who do not have access to technology or infrastructure like ours and are therefore at risk in these challenging times.

Daktela is a global player and we have the resources to help. So over the last few days, we have developed our strategy into the Emergency Home Working Service.

As of today, we are dedicating a proportion of our time and infrastructure to help vulnerable businesses. The idea is that we work together to help keep UK businesses open.

All you need is a low spec PC and internet access. We will then help you to route your normal phone numbers, email and even web chat, so you and your employees can work from home – all within 48 hours.

We have set up a web page including all the information on our new Emergency Home Working Service.

Please click here or feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)208 089 1452 and we can explain how we can help in this difficult time, and a hopefully short term problem.

Roy Holmes, Operations Director of Daktela UK