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Customer Communication History

Individual communication histories allow you to personalise your customer communication with access to their previous engagements and using their preferred customer communication channels.

Reporting Tools

Interaction of operators and customers in one place

All customer communications are automatically stored, so you can find any email, call or social media message in just a few clicks whilst engaged with a customer.

Ticketing System

All customer information on a single desktop

With Daktela, there’s no need to switch between tools. We connect and work with your existing systems, so you have everything working together in one place.

CRM Software

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Personalised customer support

When you combine Daktela with other business tools, you can accurately picture the customer’s specific needs and buying behaviour.


Proactive customer contact

Get automatic communication history for every contact and company using the Daktela ticketing system to allow for proactive customer contact where required.


First call resolution

Thanks to the complete communication history, you will immediately know what issue your customer needs to solve and can solve them the first time.

Improve customer experience

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Automating customer support using chatbots

Chatbots respond in real-time through the communication channels chosen by the customers themselves.

AI Chatbot

Artificial intelligence can take over simple tasks

AI can solve frequently asked questions, leaving live agents can handle more complicated requests.

AI and communication

Be available at all times

Always Available

You can always be online for customers through our powerful artificial intelligence tools that manage your web chat service to make it available 24/7/365.


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