Faster and more efficient communication for medium sized businesses

Communication with lots of customers at once is very demanding. With Daktela, you’ll have access to a comprehensive overview of all your customers’ individual requirements and communication history. Perfect for companies with between 15-250 users.


More than 1200 clients trust Daktela everyday

Daktela solution for you

Communication channels in one place

You can see it all in one computer window: calls, emails, SMS, WebChat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and many more.

Omnichannel communication

Unify your business systems

Daktela connects all your business systems, from e-commerce to CRM, ensuring that Daktela is always at the centre of your customer communications hub.

Create your own contact centre


Handle enquiries more cost-effectively

Use automation to help you with your standard processes and reduce resource costs by only using expensive human resources where they are needed.

Automation of processes

24/ 7 Technical Support

Our UK-based support team and our EU-b7/ased software developers ensure you always get the most from your solution 24/365.

Professional Services

Grow your business with our solution.

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Daktela is used by companies that:

  • want to move to the Cloud to take advantage of the flexibility and cost savings
  • want to change cloud providers that are not delivering what you want
  • want to step up a gear and make the best possible use of available resources

Solutions by Industry:

Ecommerce and Retail
Energy companies
Outsourcing Services
Travel & Leisure
IT services
Financial Services