Contact Centre Reporting Tools


Real time statistics and historical reporting packages – one of the most powerful features of the Daktela platform.

There is no need to wait for the end of the week or month to see how you are performing. Daktela Reporting provides tools for real time reporting designed for management of contact centre operations with many standard reports available showing historical statistics.


Realtime panel with live monitoring

The Realtime panel is designed for the management of your contact centre operation. It shows the current status of logged in agents, queues, open activities across all channels, etc. It is also possible to use the panel to live monitor phone calls.


Daktela Wallboard is an application which provides a clear display of the immediate status of the contact centre on an LCD screen or in the browser. Each individual team leader view can be customised with the help of predefined widgets.

Historical statistics and reports

Daktela Reporting offers a full range of predefined historical reports for all supported communication channels. It can be used by team leaders to evaluate the performance of their contact centre.

Exporting reports

The Daktela Reporting module allows the export of all historical statistics in CSV or Microsoft Excel format. Once exported this data can be further processed in pivot tables etc.

Advanced filters

Our Reporting tool comes with advanced filtering which can be based on many different parameters such as users, queues, time, call statuses, etc.

Group reports together

When Reporting you can group all necessary reports together. You do not have to click on each report separately. Each report can include a range of comprehensive statistics.

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Get the raw reporting data through API

The Daktela platform offers a programming API interface including realtime API. You can even write your own agent’s control toolbar directly into your application using this realtime API. There are API functions for obtaining historical data and activities, including call recordings, Webchat / SMS / Facebook transcripts etc. For advanced analytics, it is possible to use any third-party BI tools or existing ready made integrations.