Daktela Browser Extension


With this Daktela browser extension, you can control calls without having to have Daktela open.

The extension is available for browsers:

And what does this plugin allow within the browser?

  • Dial telephone numbers
  • Dial CRM contacts directly from the phone number form field
  • Dial numbers directly from any webpage you’re currently browsing, using the context menu
  • Accept, reject, hold, or transfer call activities
  • Switch to pause or return to ready state
  • Send direct SMS messages
  • Log in or log out of individual queues based on your permissions
  • Dial phone numbers based on your recent activities

Chrome/Firefox extensions require that you or your company use Daktela V6.
More about how to install and use this plugin can be found here.

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Daktela and WebRTC

The possibility of using WebRTC technology as a softphone was considered as a future way of using the phone’s browser-level features. However, the WebRTC framework, which is responsible for voice features in the browser, is constantly changing to affect the user experience. It is often the main cause of small errors or instability, because changes in the code are made by merchants such as Google, Apple, Mozilla or Microsoft.

As it is still more of an experimental technology, we recommend our customers to use reliable and proven technologies such as Daktela Software Phone or hardware phones.

A list of all browsers and operating systems that currently support WebRTC and are required for PC calls.

For desktop computers

Microsoft Edge 12+
Google Chrome 28+
Mozilla Firefox 22+
Safari 11+
Opera 18+Vivaldi 1.9+

For Android

Google Chrome 28+
Mozilla Firefox 24+
Opera Mobile 12+

For iOS

Mobile Safari (iOS 11+)