Facebook Messenger Channel for Business


Powerful communication channel which should form a part of any organisation’s customer contact strategy.

The Daktela solution allows your contact centre agents to communicate directly with your customers via Facebook. Customers can also contact your company via Facebook Messenger or send a private message which is then handled by the designated contact centre agent. Who handles these enquiries within the contact centre is chosen by you.


Mobile phones

The Daktela Facebook Messenger application is compatible with all smart phones and your customers can use it as an easy and modern communication channel with your company. Sending messages uses the data connection only and therefore does not incur call charges.

Attachment and picture support

Daktela Facebook Messenger supports sending attachments in both directions. Your customer can take a picture on their mobile and send it by one click via Facebook Messenger to your contact centre team.

Chat status code

In every Facebook queue you can set up its own status reason codes. Your agent can then choose the most appropriate code which they will enter upon leaving the chat. Based on the input you can evaluate the most common types and areas of questions.


All Facebook Messanger communication transcripts are saved automatically to the customer’s communication history. Once saved in this way you can use our text search feature to retrieve relevant information within the transcript.

Transfer and consultation

Facebook Messenger Chat agents can transfer the chat to another agent or invite another team member or team leader into their Facebook message chat for consultation.

Processing multiple chats at the same time

The Daktela Facebook Messenger Application allows you to handle multiple messages at the same time. You can set maximum concurrent messages for each agent based on their ability. You can even make or receive calls during your work on Facebook Messenger if configured.

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Processing multiple Facebook Messenger accounts

Daktela allows for the connection of multiple Facebook accounts, each with its own individual queue. The number of Facebook queues is not limited, and  it is possible for contact centre agents to manage multiple different Facebook sites at the same time.  In each Facebook queue you can add various agents , set  priorities or handling strategies.

Facebook chat reports and statistics

Daktela provides a wide range of predefined Facebook chat reports which are calculated in real time. There are tools like the real-time panel or LCD wallboard, which enables the use of predefined wallboard widgets to build perfectly customised wall boards. The most commonly used reports are for example: number of Facebook chats in various queues, length of the chats and individual performance of agents.

Integration with Helpdesk and CRM

Our Facebook Messenger Application is integrated with our CRM system and helpdesk. The agent is therefore able to view the complete customer communication history across all channels at the beginning of the Chat. The agent can assign the Message to an existing helpdesk ticket or create a new one. A Chat transcript is then added to the customer’s communication history at the end of the conversation.

Facebook Messenger chat to your website

Facebook Messenger is a great choice for communicating with your customers right on your website. After clicking on the icon in the corner of your website, a chat window will open and the visitor can easily start communicating. Add your Facebook Messenger chat by downloading the Facebook Plugin. Find out more here.