Inbound Contact Centre and Call Centre Software


Route calls the way you want.


Using dynamic inputs we can route calls to the right person every time. The Call Centre core works on incoming call queues and IVR menus. You can link different direct phone numbers (DID/DDI) to these different queues. These calls are then routed into the right Agents logged into these queues.


Call recording

Call Recording of both incoming and outgoing calls is standard. This includes all transferred calls both internal and external. All Recordings can be retrieved and played from the web interface provided.

Call queues

The Configuration of call queues can utilise a range of different attributes. The most common ones are priority levels, customised announcements, and welcome voice prompts. All linked to different customer requirements.


Daktela provides you with an unlimited number of IVR tree options. These trees can also link together to form a chain. You can configure everything via our web interface, including recording your own messages. All IVR activity is stored for reporting purposes.

Contact card with communication history

Each incoming call opens the customer’s own contact card. After the call finishes this card updates without the need for the agent to do anything. As a result a complete communication history with the customer is always maintained.

Intelligent missed calls

Our system includes an intelligent missed calls management system. Any missed call numbers are stored and Agents can then call these numbers back as required.

Priorities and skills of operators

Queues can be set up with a range of different skill and priority settings. Once configured the system always chooses the best and most suitable agent for each call. You can change all configuration settings in real time.

Grow your business with Daktela.

Grow your business with Daktela.


Incoming phone calls

Configuration of all incoming phone numbers including any geographic, non-geographic or international numbers.

Time conditions

Configuration of different behavior for working and non-working hours.

Welcome messages

You can play your own welcome messages or we can record customized voice prompts for you.

Voice IVR

Playing IVR options, the customer selects one.

Inbound queues

Call transfer to the correct inbound queue, play background music and regular announcements.


Intelligent call routing

Daktela call queues allow intelligent call routing of incoming calls to agents. Our LastAgent software routes calls to the person who last spoke with the customer. This ensures that the customer does not have to explain their problem again, saving time for both. By doing this we improve the customer experience.

Call routing based on data from external systems

Daktela can work with your existing external applications (eg. your CRM or ERP) to determine how calls route within the system. Working with these systems Daktela can ensure we make the correct routing decisions. We can prioritise callers as required or route to different locations if needed. This will allow you to reflect any segmentation you have of your customer database. Using this data to route calls can improve the whole customer journey.

Support of external and mobile operators

Daktela provides the ability to link mobile phones to the application. All calls and activities recorded on the system are monitored and reports produced. These reports allow managers to view the individual performance of these mobile workers. When connected to the system in this way the mobile user incurs no local call costs. Using mobile phones in this way allows you to create a simple Business Contingency plan.