SMS Chat for Business


Two-way communication with your customers via SMS messages.

The advantage of the Daktela SMS Chat is its versatility and support of all mobile phones. Our SMS Chat also gives your customers the opportunity of developing two-way chats with you. This allows them to respond to individual agents upon receipt of a text message. We can also provide short code numbers and the option to display your company name. Surprise your customers with an immediate and relevant response.

Daktela SMS Chat is one of Daktela’s communication channels that allows you to communicate with your customers via SMS messages and groups these messages into threads. The advantage is its versatility and support on all mobile phones that can send an ordinary SMS message. Product and service providers often operate one-way informative SMS communication to their customers without the possibility of a reply and Daktela SMS Chat aims to change this.


Universal communication channel

Daktela SMS Chat is available on all mobile phones that can send and receive a plain text SMS message. For its simplicity, this communication channel should not be missed out in any contact centre. It is increasing seen as a new and effective customer communication tool.

Categorise SMS chats

Using our customised reason status codes your agents can quickly and easily assign SMS chat outcomes at the end of the chat. These outcomes can be retrieved later for further analysis and reporting.

Handle multiple SMS chats

Daktela SMS Chat allows you to handle multiple chats at the same time. You can set maximum concurrent chats for each agent based on their ability. You can even make or receive calls during your work on SMS chats if configured.

Ready for customised SMS apps

You can easily build and implement your own bespoke information service on top of the Daktela SMS Chat. This can be used by live agents and will work on any mobile phone without the need for internet access.

Transfers and consultation

SMS Chat agents can transfer the chat to another agent or invite another team member or team leader into their SMS chat for consultation.

SMS chat transcript

All SMS chat communication transcripts are saved automatically to the customer’s communication history. Once saved in this way you can use our text search facility to retrieve relevant information within the transcript.

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Integration with SMS services

For sending and receiving SMS messages within Daktela SMS Chat you can use either Daktela SMS Connect with a dedicated mobile phone number which allows two-way SMS communication or you can use Daktela SIM hosting with your own SIM cards.

SMS chat reporting and statistics

Daktela provides a variety of real time reports about the operation of SMS chats. You can use real time tools like our real time panel or LCD wallboard to display this information. Each of these can be fully customised using the widgets available to show exactly what you want. Customers often choose to display the number of SMS chats in various queues, chat duration per queue or individual agents’ performance.

Integration with Helpdesk and CRM system

As our SMS Chat is integrated with our CRM system and helpdesk the agent is able to view the complete customer communication history across all channels at the beginning of the Chat . The agent can assign the SMS chat to any existing helpdesk tickets or create a new one. An SMS chat transcript is then added to the customer’s communication history at the end of chat.