WhatsApp Business – WhatsApp Business API Connector


With 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication channels available today.

Thanks to the mobile interface, WhatsApp allows you to communicate with each other and with companies directly from your smartphone in more than 180 countries.

Thanks to WhatsApp and Daktela, you can now be even closer to your customers.
Thanks to Daktela, you can now use another communication channel with your customers, bringing them even closer.

* For the link to work properly, you need to have the WhatsApp application installed on your device.


Real-time Customer communication

WhatsApp Business allows you to communicate based on your current status. In this way your Customers can communicate with you in real-time or whenever it suits them. Your conversation can always be stored if needed and recorded within the customer contact card.

High level of security

WhatsApp offers a high level of security and encryption of communication thanks to end-to-end SSL encryption.

Closer to customers

WhatsApp is the most downloaded application on Android and iOS platforms today and now works directly within Daktela. WhatsApp is popular among customers because it uses their existing data connection, thus eliminating any specific charges for sending messages.

Attachment and image support

Daktela WhatsApp supports sending attachments and images in both directions. Your customer can take a photo (e.g. of some goods or a package) on their mobile phone and send it to you on WhatsApp.

Handling multiple WhatsApp conversations

Daktela WhatsApp allows you to handle multiple different sessions at the same time. You can set maximum concurrent chats for each agent based on their ability. You can even make or receive calls during your work on WhatsApp if configured.

Notification announcements & reads

As part of the Daktela WhatsApp application your agents can communicate with your customers directly from within our solution. They can send attachments such as photographs, videos and documents within the messages. They will also know when messages were delivered and read and know who is expecting something from them.

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Reports and statistics of WhatsApp chats

Daktela provides a variety of reports relating to the use of WhatsApp. All can be calculated and displayed in real time if required. Tools such as real-time panels or LCD Wallboards allow you to design the view you want from pre-prepared widgets. The basic reports that Daktela offers include, for example, the number of WhatsApp chats in individual queues, chat lengths or individual agent performance.

Integration with the helpdesk system and CRM

As WhatsApp is integrated with our CRM system and helpdesk, the agent can view the complete customer communication history across all channels at the beginning or during any chat. The agent can assign the WhatsApp chat to any existing helpdesk tickets or create a new one. A WhatsApp chat transcript is then added to the customer’s communication history at the end of the chat.

Outgoing message and notification support

Use WhatsApp to send outgoing messages and notifications. The customer can easily find out the current status of the order, delivery information or other important information. There is a charge for sending notifications.

One conversation means an unlimited number of interactions within 24 hours of the first message.