No more lost patients, unresolved questions or complaints!


Daktela offers private clinics a solution that can handle the patient’s inquiries, complaints, and patient journey from any channel in a single place. All this in such a way that it can be integrated with the patient management software of the given clinic and all existing communication channels (e-mail, telephone, SMS, web chat, social media, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram).



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Give your patients an experience they will remember!


●  Nomore lost patients, unresolved questions, complaints

●  Simple, user-friendly interface

●  Cost-efficient solution

●  Efficient integration with existing CRM and patient management system

●  Up-to-date reports

●  Data-driven decision making


Daktela is the only omnichannel platform, which supports private healthcare providers in providing an excellent experience to patients, strengthening their loyalty, and supporting data driven decision-making.

Customer service staff, receptionists, and patient coordinators can work at any time, from any device, browser, and from anywhere, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity, and simplifying processes.

Omnichannel interactions make it easier to make appointments, follow up on cases, process inquiries, monitor sales activities, and handle feedback and complaints. A convenient solution without compromises.

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Automated call switching

Call quality monitoring

Setting of opening hours

Callback management

SLA management

Complex call distribution

Daktela’s omnichannel solution is characterized by a simple, user-friendly interface, up-to-date reports and cost efficiency.

Accept patient enquiries or engage with them through their preferred channels

Daktela enables its patients to connect/arrive via any channel and receive the same high-quality information and customer management. 

Let it be:

  • booking an appointment,
  • online specialist order or consultation,
  • recipe writing,
  • payment,
  • general information,
  • opening hours and doctor availability

or for any other reasons.

Our solution enables all previous consultations and calls with patients to be tracked and managed in one place, regardless of which contact point it came through, be it voice call, video chat, social media, VoiceBot or Chatbot.

Our solution enables all previous consultations with the patient to be tracked in one place, be it voice call, video chat, social media, VoiceBot and chatbot.

Real-time reports

With the reporting and monitoring tools, you can easily check the progress of individual activities and campaigns and track all patient-related information and the work of the customer service/call center with statistical analysis. Intelligent analysis of customer communication raises the work of management to a new level.

Always be up to date! Analyze the effectiveness of customer service, track the care of your new or existing patients, even from your mobile device.

Reminders, confirmations and automations

In order to support patients and reduce cancellations and no-shows, you can set up reminders and automations, but Daktela is also suitable for collecting patient feedback:

  • Send reminders and notifications
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales and contact conversions

The technology

  • Operation tailored to the clinic – serving unique needs
  • Top-quality, cloud-based call center software on a GDPR-compliant, EU-hosted site
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Our solution is already used by a number of major healthcare companies.