Work from anywhere

Find out how to effectively manage your employees wherever they are. We provide a way of monitoring performance for customer centres, e-shops, retailers and dealers etc. Try a DEMO account.



Phone Calls

We enable home workers to use a variety of devices including softphones, mobile phones and even home phones. As part of inbound call routing we can play announcements, IVR prompts , music while waiting for connection and all can be based on set time conditions. All calls are automatically recorded (incoming, outgoing, missed).

Helpdesk/ticketing system

As an integral part of the Daktela Omni-channel solution we provide a connection to your corporate email server via IMAP and SMTP. In addition, our Ticketing system connects across all communication channels to record all events and activities. We also provide access to our CRM module with a telephone directory.

Contact History and CRM

The system stores data about your clients, which allows you to identify and display your client’s history. You can easily configure what information is presented on each different customer as required.

Monitoring of remote/home office agents

Real-time statistics, a message board, activity monitoring all of these tools allow you to better manage your agent’s work from home. You can also Deploy WebRTC technology to connect agents.

Chat and Messenger

A chat on your website or Facebook Messenger is compatible with all smartphones, giving customers an additional, easy and modern way of communication with your company.

Manage work from anywhere

Within the Daktela solution, you can also manage the tasks of the team and internal employees working from home. All tasks can be easily monitored, consulted and measured. A perfect overview of the activities of the individual and the whole team.


  • The whole system is designed to let you know who is working on what, what has already been done and what is left. Everything can be checked, measured and solved in one place. Tasks can be assigned to individuals and teams, and can be flexibly passed on each other, including internal comments, at any stage of the task.
  • Each request is accompanied by previous communication, whether it was in the form of emails, SMS, social networks or internal comments.
  • All attachments and call recordings are available, so everyone can quickly orientate themselves in a situation that is being solved or has been dealt with earlier.
  • You can customise the statistics and realtime reports according to your needs and for each team separately.

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