How does a modern call centre actually work?


A well-organised customer service system is the foundation of any successful company. Today, a call centre system is not just a mere contact tool, but also a way to build a friendly brand image. Quality call centre services help you build the best customer relationships.

Daktela prediktivní dialer

Traditionally, a call centre is a customer service system in which contact is made through the telephone. Today, thanks to state-of-the-art tools designed for small and large businesses, the reality is slightly different from this older definition. 

Phone calls, though very important from the point of view of both the business and the customer, are not the only way of making contact today. Conversations with the service department can take place via email, chat, SMS and other means of communication.

The development of the Internet has opened up new possibilities for customers and employees. More channels mean potentially easier contact and faster problem resolution. Used appropriately, this means more effective communication and increased service user satisfaction.

Greater opportunities have created the need to create tools that improve employee-customer relationships across a vast array of information from a variety of sources. Thus call centre systems have become contact centre systems. 

Currently, an alternative form of customer service organisation – the virtual call centre – is also gaining popularity. This is an interesting solution that limits the number of devices that a company must purchase. The virtual version of the call centre requires only computers with Internet access to function properly.

Contact centre system – why is it worthwhile?

The growing awareness of service users is creating new challenges for businesses. Solutions that help improve contact with customers and service users are becoming increasingly popular and companies are looking for the best tools in this area.

Implementing a comprehensive call centre service allows a business to keep up with changing standards and significantly impacts overall business growth. It reduces the risk of customers switching to competitors. This also translates to the comfort of the employees from the customer service department.

How does our call centre system work?

Daktela’s call centre is a comprehensive customer service tool for companies that want to maximise contact with their service users. Our system combines all communication channels into one platform. Information about phone calls, chat messages, social media and SMS is sent to one system that tracks actions taken and their progress.

Reports and statistics on employee activity are sent to a remote server that stores the data and allows it to be managed from anywhere with Internet access.

In addition, our system allows the creation of an unlimited number of interactive voice prompts, which the customer listens to and then proceeds to select the appropriate number on the telephone keypad. Our Voicebot call centre guides customers through the entire process. Our service also allows you to record conversations.

The tool we offer is based on a ticketing system. The information collected from all communication channels with a specific client is transferred to the system and presented on a timeline. Our service also generates reports, analyses and data visualisations of all cases handled together.

What are the advantages of our system?

Our system has been designed with seamless functioning and improved company operations in mind. Daktela Call Center offers a wide range of options and unique tools that clearly categorise incoming information. Some of the features that our system features include:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Ability to automatically generate reports and analyses
  • Ability to customise the rights of individual employees
  • Security of stored data
  • Control over notifications in a clear ticketing system
  • 14-day free trial

What are the benefits for you?

Quality customer care in a company is not just about better organisation of service desk operators. Implementing an efficient call centre system brings many benefits that affect the overall functioning of your company.

Customer satisfaction

Thanks to Daktela’s call centre, you can increase the first contact resolution index in your company. This is the result of how many cases are resolved on first contact with the customer service department. The higher the FCR index, the greater the satisfaction of the people using your services. This factor builds a stable position and a positive brand image on the market.

Organisation and time

Daktela’s intuitive call centre interface speeds up the onboarding process for new employees. As a result, newcomers can transition to working in normal mode more quickly. It also reduces the risk of operator errors and increases the efficiency of the company’s operations. Daktela Call Center also generates reports and analytics that can be used immediately.


A more efficient customer service system increases sales of products and services. This translates into higher profits for your company. In addition, you don’t have to waste time and money searching for additional solutions for your company because all the services you need are available within the Daktela Call Center system.

Simply put, by deploying a modern cloud-based communication platform such as Daktela, you will not only achieve significant time savings (communication with customers is more efficient), but especially financial savings, according to our experience, up to 30% of the existing costs of running a call centre.