How to Communicate with Customers in Your Car Showroom

Jak na komunikaci se zákazníky ve vašem autosalonu

Are you thinking about getting control over not only the telephone communication of your dealers, technicians and reception in your authorized car dealership / service? Do you know how individual departments should ask questions from customers? Find out what Daktela offers.

How does it normally work?

The customer calls the car repair service to the car service / car dealer’s contact number, which is routed to the reception. The receptionist answers the call but cannot answer the customer’s questions. Therefore, he attempts to transfer the call to a service technician, who cannot answer the call at the moment. The receptionist informs the customer that the technician will contact him as soon as possible and will give the service technician an e-mail or customer contact. by hand with “glue”. The technician sometimes calls back and sometimes forgets. Finding callbacks to customers is in many cases complicated, sometimes even impossible. What if a customer contacts you by email or on your webchat? Do you know how many outstanding client requests your salon / service has now?

In Daktela solutions, individual groups of workers are created to deal with various activities. E.g. receptions, technicians, vendors, etc. Individual groups are given access to the system based on their needs and authority.

The breakdown may be as follows:

  1. Resellers / technicians – these users have the easiest access to the system to deal with assigned tasks and calls, respectively. missed calls. The Daktela Add On module is installed in the web browser to display missed calls. They can also use the Daktela mobile application to solve tasks (emails / bags / tickets) assigned from other departments and colleagues.
  2. Reception (Operators / Agents) – These users primarily communicate with customers. On the customer line, they receive incoming calls, answer e-mail queries, process webchat communication and more. If necessary, they transfer calls to the dealer / technician and, if they do not reach them, create a ticket for the colleague / technician.
  3. Admin / teamleader – these users have access to all parts of the system. The most important is call reporting and statistics. Within the statistics, they can filter out, for example, the frequency of calls, the speed of receiving calls and, of course, the number of missed calls. In the missed call statistics, he sees the number of calls that are dialed or dialed. counts where no contact was made. All calls made and the filters above them are accessible in the call log, so you can easily filter the phone numbers of the missed calls.

Now, after you have divided the features and set up Daktela solutions, the customer will call you again for a car repair

The receptionist picks up the phone and tries to transfer the call to a technician who is not answering. During the call, the receptionist creates a ticket (task) for the given technician with a specific request and sends this information immediately. When the ticket is created, the technician will receive a notification on his / her phone and can contact the customer immediately via the Daktela mobile application. If the request is resolved, the technician closes the ticket. Otherwise, he / she can forward the request to another colleague or department. Solved task carries the whole communication history from the first customer contact (call / email / webchat / internal comments of employees) to the final solution. Of course, assigning tasks to the right categories with the appropriate status, giving you a perfect overview of all tasks, status of the solution and the result itself.

Remember the power of integration with your internal system

Integration allows:

  • Synchronization of customer contact information (we know who we’re communicating with based on phone number / email)
  • Automatic opening of the customer card (in case of an incoming call, the system identifies the caller and opens the customer card, which significantly shortens the calls and increases the comfort for the customer)
  • Possibility of planning active calling for clients during regular service inspections or convening events. The manager with our solution has a perfect overview of communication with customers, has realtime reports and historical statistics.

Improve your communication standard with your customers.

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