How To Make People Effective Whilst Working From Home


Many organisations have now implemented home working for their staff to keep them safe. How can we now ensure that they remain productive whilst home based?

In roles where teamwork was essential people are finding the isolation of home working an increasing barrier to effective performance. Whilst technology such as video conferencing can help it only goes part of the way in addressing the problem. Whilst it helps with internal communication does it really help with customer communication?

By combining technologies such as voice and video conferencing with applications like ours we put your customers at the centre of your organisation.

We do this by using the customer communication histories functionality within our application. This automatically maps all customer communication, irrespective of whichever channel is used, into to a single contact record card. This is then available for all home-based staff to review ahead of any future communication they have with the customer. In addition to tracking all customer communication it also allows your people to add comments and notes which can be viewed by other team members, but not by the customer, helping develop better teamworking. Managers and team leaders can also use this information to measure individual performance and send alerts or messages to home-based staff in real-time, either to individuals or to the team.

The customer communication histories function is the core of our system and can take inputs from a variety of external sources including your own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or Business Intelligence solution.

By placing the customer at the core of the business in this way we can ensure that all communication with the customer through channels such as voice, email, SMS, WebChat and Social media is captured and stored in one place and made available to any member of your team that needs it.

In this way we help maintain the productivity and ensure better teamwork of your remote staff. If you would like to know about us and our applications, please click here.