How To Use IVR in the 21st Century

Jak na IVR v 21

Most people have already found themselves in a situation where they have been forced to call the customer line of various companies, whether due to a claim for goods, a change in their mobile tariff or the status of their order. And most of them also experienced a martyrdom in the form of a voice signpost, listening for long minutes to monotonous messages and then choosing one of the choices when they couldn’t even remember which option was hidden under which number. In most cases, it ends, with the idea of ​​”but he will then connect me somewhere”, desperately pressing anything, just on the other side to hear the operator. At that point, the company the client is trying to reach has failed on all fronts. The customer is angry because he spent a lot of time unnecessarily in something that did not help him and it cost him money, and at the same time this client “burdened” the operator, who often does not know the solution, has no procedure how to help the client and often caller. The result is an angry customer and a company that spends a lot of money on broken customer support.

We always try to explain to our clients that the primary function of IVR is to classify the calling clients as quickly as possible into basic groups according to the topic of the call and connection with the operator who will be able to process and process the customer’s request! This is what the customer expects. Of course, some issues can be handled fully automatically, such as detecting the status of an order and notifying the client of this status – in this case, there is certainly no need for operator invention. However, in many other situations, the calling client expects a near-instant connection to the relevant operator and expects a level of knowledge to be able to support him / her.

At Daktela we are constantly striving to offer our customers new solutions and now we are introducing a revolutionary new IVR service – a true intelligent voice signpost. No more listening to long and annoying buzz and then pressing keys on your phone. Our new intelligent IVR system (call steering) works on the basis of speech recognition, subsequent heuristic analysis of the spoken request and after its processing automatic switching to a responsible group of operators. How would you like to offer your customers the opportunity to say “I need a last invoice” or “I have a washing machine problem” in your IVR. I don’t know how to connect it. ”And our system would connect the first customer to the accounting department and the second to technical support for electrical appliances. Or do you want to go further? Would you like the customer to say “I am addressing Mr. Vomáčka’s problem” or “I have an email from Mrs. Šťastná and I need to discuss it.” This is what our new intelligent IVR system offers.

Let us discover new possibilities of voice signposts and pleasantly surprise your clients with a completely new level of customer support. At Daktele, we firmly believe that this is the future that more and more companies will be looking for who are not indifferent to their customers’ satisfaction and want to offer them the best and most effective solutions to their problems.

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