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Integration SAP Business One

SAP Business One is the most widely used enterprise information system, it is used by tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Thanks to this system, you will gain perfect control over your business, where you can effectively manage your entire business in a single program and open the way to further growth.


How much does the integration of SAP Business One with Daktela cost?

Daktela provides standard integration (contact information) with one-way synchronization with SAP Business One free of charge (SAP Business One >> Daktela). In the case of customizations, integration may be charged.

How can you integrate SAP Business One into Daktela?

For basic integration, it is enough to fill in the basic authorization data in the administrator interface in Daktela.

Required authorization data:

  • Instance URL – the address of your server
  • Username – log in from the account you want to use
  • Password – password for the selected login name

What are the benefits of SAP Business One?

● Comprehensive system support
Digitization of business processes and their integration in one system it connects all employees and departments of the company.

● Higher productivity
Business process automation and a clear user interface can reduce costs and save time. This allows employees to focus on working with higher added value.

● Accurate information
Advanced analytical tools and clear reporting allow you to make the right decisions.


The integration of SAP Business One requires the installation of proprietary modules from Versino.

Standard integration can synchronize the following data and optional fields:

  • Contacts
  • Address
  • Aktivni
  • CisloOP
  • CntctCode
  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • ID_adresy
  • ID_dod_adresy
  • ID_fakt_adresy
  • Krestni_jmeno
  • Mesto
  • MestoB
  • MestoS
  • Mobilni_telefon
  • Name
  • PSC
  • PSCB
  • PSCS
  • Pozice
  • Poznamka1
  • Poznamka2
  • Pracovnik_odbytu
  • Prijmeni
  • Stat
  • StatB
  • StatS
  • Telefon_1
  • Telefon_2
  • Titul
  • Typ_OP
  • Ulice
  • UliceB
  • UliceS
  • UpdateDate
  • UpdateTS
  • accounts
  • CardCode
  • CardName
  • Nazev
  • Nazev_v_cizim_jazyce
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