Integration Vocalls

Vocalls are a leader in the European market in the field of voice automation of calls using conversational AI. They work with various Speech-to-Text solutions (Google, Phonexia, Microsoft, Newton Technologies) and increase their efficiency through their own optimisations, in addition, they can combine several STT technologies in one call.


How much does it cost to integrate Vocalls with Daktela?

Billing takes place in minutes on a monthly basis – you only pay for what the voicebot actually calls.

How can you integrate Vocalls into Daktely?

  1. Open Vocalls -> Settings -> Integration and generate a clientSecret key
  2. Then open the Queue Settings – Widget Settings in Daktela
  3. Copy the unique URL from Vocalls and paste it into a new widget called “Page in frame”
  4. After transferring the call from Vocalls, the conversation and the values from the telephone line will be displayed immediately

What are the benefits of Vocalls?

Cost savings

  • Voicebot will do routine work significantly cheaper (there are a number of costs associated with operators, not only salary, but also training, HR / recruitment, hardware, workplace,…)
  • Operators can do the work with higher added value
  • Voicebot in the role of voice routing switches with a lower error rate than IVR
  • You only pay for the voicebot for the work done

Higher availability

  • Voicebot picks up phones 24/7
  • Voicebot covers peaks – it handles a number of simultaneous calls
  • Voicebot has a higher capability for outbound campaigns with zero extra costs

Faster customer check-in

  • Calls with voicebot are usually shorter than with the operator (the customer speaks more to the point)
  • Zero After-Call Work (voicebot handles all processes immediately)

Standard integration can synchronize the following data and optional fields:

  • last_name
  • adKey
  • address_city
  • address_company
  • address_division
  • address_name
  • last_name
  • address_street
  • address_zip
  • agreement
  • country_id
  • country_ids
  • email
  • phone
  • extId_exSystemName
  • markRecord
  • maturity
  • ost1
  • p1
  • p2
  • p3
  • p4
  • p5
  • p6
  • parameters
  • priceIDS
  • shipToAddress_name
  • shipToAddress_id
  • shipToAddress_city
  • shipToAddress_company
  • shipToAddress_default ShipAddress
  • shipToAddress_street
  • shipToAddress_zip
  • turnover
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