Jiří Havlíček, CTO

Jiří graduated from the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at the University of Economics and Business Administration with the Honors Academia extension selection program with the main focus on IT management in combination with professional technical knowledge (combination of soft skills & leadership + professional IT knowledge). His background mainly consisted of being a programmer (PHP – MVC + JS, Java). In the past, he also worked for an Internet provider – building networks, managing hardware and data centers, etc. ITIL-practitioner.

  • After completing the University of Economics in 2016 (25 years old), he joined the company Information line 1188 in the KKCG group, which today is called  Conectart  (still one of Daktela’s top customers) as IT Director. During the course of 3 years, the company went through a complete transformation from a passive call center 1188 to the outsourcing of contact centers and outbound calling. There was a complete change of IT architecture, suppliers and information systems. At the end of the operation, the IT was completely stabilized. One of the key software suppliers at that time was Daktela, who provided the main system for handling all interactions with customers.
  • In 2018, Jiří attended the Contact Center Expo in London with Daktela, where together with Richard and David, they essentially agreed to start operations at Daktela.
  • He joined Daktela in July 2018 as the basis of the “Customer Success Team” (CST) – at that time as the only member of the team. The workload included primarily taking care of large customers from the point of view of maintaining relationships, minor and major project changes, complete development of customizations, and due to previous experience working in a call center, he also dealt partly with product management.
  • From 2018-2020, the CST team gradually grew to include other roles such as QA (Daktela product testing), graphics, integrations and mobile app development – it was a very cross-functional team. This period can certainly be taken to mean that it was still a very family type environment where everyone did everything (with exaggeration); basically a technology startup.
  • In 2019, the UK CC Expo once again laid the foundation for today’s Daktela UK branch, which was created after some time and negotiations. It was basically such a big thrill to go global, because Daktela was shown to be competitive in foreign markets.
  • Essentially, 2020 was the most crucial year for two reasons. The first reason was that Daktela began to work a lot with larger customers, where the project needed to be delivered with complete project management (analysis, solution proposal, delivery, testing), for which we received the largest and most managed implementation project to date. The second reason was the Covid-19 pandemic, when Daktela got involved as part of the COVID19CZ initiative and provided its solution to fight the pandemic. Both projects went to Jirko at practically the same time (March/April 2020).
  • 2020 was certainly one of the most challenging years. In practice, it consisted of working on the project and customer requirements during the day. In the evenings and overnight, they worked on a technological solution that later became the basis of Smart Quarantine.
  • As for the Smart Quarantine, the heart of the whole solution was the installation of the Daktela application, which was heavily customized to support epidemiological tracing processes, i.e. calling the infected and their at-risk contacts. Jirka was part of the close leadership of the volunteer operating team, which later handed over its work to NAKIT. In this project, we worked closely with the Army of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Health and the ÚZIS  and practically all hygiene stations in the Czech Republic, led by the chief hygienist.
  • They did the entire customization and development together with a colleague, primarily in the evenings and wherever there was a moment of time during the day. After about a year of development, a comprehensive epidemiological solution was created on these foundations on its own platform, through which all contacts from tracing go through and manage the entire process. Today, this platform is taken care of by a separate development team under Jirka.
  • Regarding the project in 2020 – it was the first customer that was implemented including all enterprise services. Jirka managed the project and built a virtual team internally in the company. The implementation was very successful. Today it forms the basis of the project methodology, how we implement enterprise customers and the result is our own separate project team of about 8 people who are dedicated to this very concept. The team is also responsible for the development and implementation of customizations for all customers based on the established methodology.
  • In 2021, when there were already approximately 15 people in the CST team, Jirka agreed with David and Richard to take on the role of CTO (from February 2022), under which 6 teams fall: development, devops, infrastructure, product, QA and development of integrated solutions. In total, there are about 50 mostly IT experts. This was in parallel with the creation of the C-Suite structure (COO, CFO, CMO, …). The division is such that under the CTO are all technological L3 services, which are delivered internally by the COO – operations team (L1/L2), which takes care of customers.



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