Daktela Essentials


Daktela’s modern cloud tools make it possible to streamline the operation of both your customer service and your HR department. You can significantly save personnel and operating costs with a transparent overview of all your company’s processes.


Plan better use
of personnel and financial resources

Create the optimal shift schedule for your contact centre

Get to know your customer up close
by analysing vast amounts
of data

Integrate different systems
(from accountingto communication)

into one clear virtual environment

Get a prediction
of future traffic with
an accuracy of up to 95%

Optimal solution increasing
the efficiency
of operation for your company

Daktela WFM (Workforce Management) is a workforce optimization software solution that helps companies improve the efficiency and performance of their employees. Daktela WFM offers tools for managing and scheduling staff shifts, performance management, service quality monitoring and data analysis to ensure that staff are used efficiently and are able
to deliver high levels of customer service. Thanks to Daktela WFM, companies can reduce personnel costs and improve their competitiveness in the market.

1 Daktela Intelligence

Daktela Intelligence (originally BigQuery) is a cloud-based data analytics service provided
by Google Cloud Platform. Daktela Intelligence enables the storage, processing and analysis
of large volumes of data quickly and efficiently using parallel processing technology. Daktela Intelligence also offers advanced search and data visualization capabilities that enable users
to gain valuable insights from their data. Daktela Intelligence is mainly used in areas such as business intelligence, data mining, machine learning, the Internet of Things and other areas that require work with large volumes of data.

Daktela Hub provides businesses and organizations with a simple way to integrate with various third-party systems, such as CRM systems, communication applications and task management tools. With a simple addition of modules and intuitive management of integration settings, Daktela Hub is ideal for using the wide range of available integrations according to the specific needs of your business or your contact center.

Optimal solution increasing the efficiency of operation for your company.
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