Live Chat on Web Pages – Live Chat Channel Options

Možnosti kontaktu přes webové stránky

Live Chat Channel Options

Still, voice and email are the most common channels of communication for customer support. Recently, however, chat has become increasingly popular with the customers. You can place a web chat on the website, or connect a facebook messenger, allowing the customer to contact you online. Below we can look at the pros and cons of each chat queue.

Webchat – Web livechat on web pages

You insert a chat window on your website using html code. You can define this chat window to fit your website graphically. You can choose the shape, color, texts, web placement, etc. What can you offer by purchasing a webchat to your customer?

  1. Get immediate help
  2. Easy directing through the website to the product
  3. Overcoming the fear of telephoning, the customer is afraid of telephoning
  4. Online help without disturbing the surroundings, eg at work, on the train, abroad etc.

The most common reason to contact via web chat is to get an immediate answer to your question. In the case of e-shops, it is usually a question about the availability of goods, delivery date, how to deal with complaints, etc.

The advantage of Daktela webchat is also the possibility of tracking the url links, where the customer is currently located and what services / goods they are viewing. New is the possibility of sending attachments (pictures, videos, audio files, etc.), banning unwanted chats, connecting multiple chats (sales, technical, complaints department) or setting GDPR communication. Thanks to the Daktela CRM module, the operator can see directly what the customer is and has the overall communication history, eventually solved cases (tickets). Also popular is integration with internal CRM / ERP systems displayed in ifram.

And what to watch out for when making a webchat? In particular, the availability of operators. Customer uses webchat especially because he wants to get an immediate response. Therefore, if you do not have free operators and the delay of the response is prolonged, the customer may take it negatively. At the same time it is necessary to prepare operators for situations when you chat with a client and the client pauses for a certain time.

Facebook messenger – connect FB to contact center

It works on a similar principle to Webchat. You can also place a chat icon on the website, or the client can contact you directly via Messages on your Facebook account or via the Messenger application on your mobile. Unlike webchat, it does not offer tracking of url links (where the customer is currently viewing what they are viewing). Facebook is mainly used by the younger and middle generation thanks to the possibility of the mobile application Messenger. It is especially suitable for companies offering services and for quick contact with the possibility of sending an attachment, eg for claiming a damaged shipment, to the insurance company due to a car accident or a screenshot for a broken program.

Click to Call – request a contact back

In recent months there has been an increasing demand for Click to Call. The Click to Call service allows the client to order a call from a call center operator at a precisely defined time. The customer most often uses the service if:

– does not want to click through the IVR tree and wait for an operator connection

– wants to talk to customer support, but only later in his free time (after work, a car call, etc.)

– he has no credit and needs to talk to customer support

– placing multiple phone numbers on the web and not knowing where to call

Final summary

All these communication channels are interconnected with the Daktela CRM module, so the operator has an immediate communication history with the contact, including the display of tickets dealt with it.

Thanks to integration with internal CRM / ERP system it is possible to set automatic opening of contact card including current orders, complaints etc.

Operators can handle multiple chats at the same time, when the customer’s response starts blinking.

Customer service staff have access to activity and content listings, plus online and historical statistics.

If interested, the service can be extended with a chat machine – Chatbot. Either Daktela chatbot is available, or our solution can be integrated with third-party chatbots. For example, we have integration with Artin.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our sales department, for instance through chat queues.