Manufacturing companies

Clear communication is essential throughout the production process, whether with business partners or suppliers.


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Be available at any time and never miss a call

With intelligent call routing, several people from your company can manage your phone number.

Enhance customer communication

Always direct the call to the right person

Before a business partner or customer calls you, you will already know who it is, and this can be directed to the best person in your team to handle the request.

Call Steering

Budete kdykoliv dostupní, každý se Vám dovolá

Let an intelligent voice bot communicate for your company

New artificial communication tools can handle customers’ requests anytime, even outside working hours.

AI and communication

Clearer status of orders and requests

Ticketing, data archiving, and call recordings can all work together to improve overall customer communication.

Ticketing System

Nechte nepříjemnou komunikaci s dlužníky na AI CZ
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