Martin Skaba, CEO

He graduated from the Faculty of Business Economics at Mendel University in the field
of Finance and at the same time from the
Faculty of Law at Masaryk University, both in Brno, Czech Repuplic. While still at school, he started working in the Czech branch of the international auditing company from the “Big 4” series – KPMG Czech Republic. In addition to auditing, he also went through consulting and M&A departments.

  • In 2015, he returned to his native Slovakia and joined the newly emerging investment project Slovak investment Holding in Bratislava. In the company, he focused both on venture capital investments in promising local companies and on the so-called fund-of-funds area,
    i.e. providing capital to other fund managers
  • As an investment manager, he prepared, managed and supervised investments in companies such as Boataround (yacht and boat rental), Greenway (provider of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles), GA Drilling (innovative drilling with the help of plasma) and many others.
  • During his time at Slovak Investment Holding, Martin also completed the internationally recognised Chartered Financial Analyst, which covers financial and investment professionals from all over the world.
  • In 2019, he agreed to cooperate with another company from the investment environment, but this time in the field of private equity – Sandberg Capital. Here he focused mainly
    on areas such as IT, Fintech and e-commerce and actively assisted in add-on acquisitions
    of the Czech IT company Seyfor (formerly Solitea), which also belongs to Sandberg Capital’s investment portfolio.
  • In addition to the acquisition of Seyfor, he participated in, for example, the Czech company Dotykačka (online cash register systems), the Slovak Besteron (payment gateways), Clever decision (SW and consulting company for business intelligence) and Axiom provis (Microsoft ERP partner).
  • In 2020, he developed the idea of Sandberg’s investment in Daktela. In December (during
    the tough covid measures), he came from Bratislava to Prague to meet the founders, David Hájk and Richard Baar, when they together outlined how they see the further development and future of the company. 
  • However, the path to the investment itself took several more months and was finally closed and announced in June 2021. The good chemistry from that first meeting was subsequently transferred to further cooperation.
  • In 2021, after the investment was completed, Martin also joined the Daktela board
    of directors and, together with Richard (CEO) and David, started building C-level management and giving life to the company’s further expansion in the region. Daktela subsequently entered the markets of Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia. It also strengthened its presence on the Polish market and in the UK.
  • It also began to pay more attention to partnerships with other players with complementary products and in this way to offer its solution for contact centers also in countries where Daktela had not operated before. The first major strategic partner was the German NFON, which successfully integrated Daktela’s solution into its own UCaaS product and thus created CChub, which successfully sells on the DACH, UK, IT and other markets.
  • In 2022, while still a member of the board, Martin prepared the acquisition of,
    a company dedicated to the field of AI, chatbots, voicebots, etc. With this acquisition, Daktela expanded its technology portfolio with a native, fully integrated AI solution, which once again strengthened its position as a technological leader in the field customer care. After
    the introduction of ChatGPT and the expansion of LLM models, it was the team that was one of the first on the market to integrate this technology directly into the main CCaaS product of Daktely, bringing Daktely’s customers another boost in efficiency and
    a technological edge over the competition.
  • After the summer of 2022, founder and current CEO Richard Baar decided to devote more time to his family, and in the given situation Daktela needed to fill the position of CEO. After several weeks of joint debates, an offer finally came from David and Richard for Martin to take over this position. In December 2022, he accepted the offer and thus assumed the position
    of CEO of Daktela.
  • In a difficult macroeconomic and geopolitical situation, Martin subsequently continued to strengthen the Daktela team, expand to foreign markets, expand the partnership program with the aim of fulfilling the original vision that arose from that first meeting between David, Richard and Martin in 2020 – to move Daktela from number one on the Czech market
    to the technology leader for customer care in the entire CEE region and beyond.


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