Omnichannel communication

Uncover our cutting-edge omnichannel solution that brings all your communication channels together into one seamless system.

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Combine email communication with phone calls

Our modern contact centre records not only email communications but also follow-up calls and other messages (SMS, webchat, or social networks) of a particular customer.

Daktela Helpdesk

Voice solution

In the Daktela application, the automated voice is natural, in real-time mode and the speed of the application when using it is immediate. This is a great asset when communicating with customers.

Create your own contact centre

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Easy integration with other systems

Linking our solution with other third-party applications means you can manage documents and information from one safe place, with all customer requirements recorded.


UK Support

We provide support 24/7/365, and if the need arises, you can contact a highly skilled, senior person anytime.

Professional Services

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