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In the contact centre, time is everything. Every second wasted results in fewer sales and missed opportunities for delivering great customer service.  

Fortunately, Outbound Diallers offer a perfect solution to this problem, as this automated technology filters out obstacles, and places calls at optimal times to ensure better results.  

Greater agent productivity  
Diallers eliminate the manual task of dialling numbers to boost agent productivity. Yes, maybe an obvious statement but one that we shouldn’t overlook. A dialler can predict when a current call will end, and wastes no time in dialling the next number. You may be surprised at just how much time and effort this very simple step can make to your business.  

In addition, call blending features allow the dialler to work with an automated call distribution (ACD) system, routing calls to available agents on both inbound and outbound channels. It takes the thought process out of the equation, it eliminates choice (if you want), and allows the agents to be that much more productive.  

Idle time is reduced, and agents are able to switch easily between channels as needed for increased talk time, or customer contact time if used with other channels.  

Stronger lead management  
With a built in CRM solution, and potentially, multimedia capabilities too, diallers can organise your customer interaction all in one place. Agents are able to access information such as customer profiles, contact and purchase history, with great ease and all in linear order. The agents can see the customer journey and at very least, are able to provide a more personalised service.  

The dialler can filter out obstacles such as engaged lines, and no answers. Even answering machines can be effectively dealt with by playing recorded messages. Automated recognition of answering machines (AMD) can be very frustrating for customers if not extremely accurate, and although we can do this, we would advise against using this sort of technology. Your people and your customers, are your most valuable assets, why would you want to put one of those at risk?  

All call activity is captured directly into the CRM, while further offering real-time metrics and KPIs for improved Supervision and Management. Just imagine being able to have your workforce located absolutely anywhere, but still managing them as if you were sitting next to them.  

Reduced costs  
Contact centre costs are greatly reduced when an automated dialler is used. Agents spend less time waiting around listening to non-productive rings, tones and messages. In addition, fewer agents are needed to make calls as their productivity is increased greatly. So, you can do more with less, or have the other agents doing more productive work dealing with inbound clients.  

When integrated with the CRM, there is no need for additional expensive hardware, the complete solution can be provided from the cloud, and pay-as-you go models, further drive down costs.    

Greater adaptability  
Automated diallers can be adapted to the needs of each unique business. Whether a company is a small business or a large corporation with multiple locations, automated diallers offer a scalable solution.  

Omnichannel options such as WebChat, Social Media, SMS and email, may also be implemented to tailor to the individual needs of each company.  

Ultimately, customers are more satisfied when contacted via a professionally implemented and managed automated dialler. They are called at preferred times, are less likely to be disturbed at odd hours, and are not contacted too frequently. The days of diallers being used and abused, nuisance calls, and complaints should be left well in the past.   The customer data can clearly inform agents about their product needs and purchase history, so they are more likely to receive offers of interest.  
Automated diallers are essential tools for driving agent productivity, pursuing leads strategically, and satisfying current and future customers.    
roy-h_optimizedAuthor:               Roy Holmes | Operations Director
Published by:     Daktela UK ltd

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