Progressive – New Way To Dial Campaigns


For a more efficient operation of active traffic, companies usually use Predictive Dialing. However, Daktela customers increasingly wanted the possibility of a special solution, or a combination of classic Outbounder and an efficient Predictive. We came to meet them and created a new type of queue, the so-called Progressive.

Our customers move us and the solution further and therefore we bring a new type of call queue Progressive Dialer. If manual dialing from a campaign seems inefficient and predictive dialer too aggressive, progressive is the right solution for you.

As with Predictive, automatic dialing takes place but under the supervision of the operator. The operator does not have to delay reading and dialing the record, but Daktela will do it for a defined time. During this time, the operator has the space to go through the loaded form. If the call is not connected, Daktela will automatically close or delay the call according to the settings on the queue and reschedule the operator to a later date. If the call is connected, the call is further managed by the operator. Everything is transcribed into statistics, of course!

This makes the agent’s work easier, especially in case of a worse database, it does not have to routinely retrieve and put off / close records, but the system solves everything for him. Unlike Predictive, there are no “lost” calls, increasing the quality of the customer center and maintaining customer comfort.

Progressive dialing is useful for campaigns where you have a stable database, fewer operators, or require the most efficient performance.

Information about predictive dialing can be found here.

Active call centers also use other functionality to increase traffic, such as the Daktela AutoDialer service for splitting valid and invalid numbers, or a virtual SIM card for outgoing presentations with a mobile number, automatically increasing the probability of answering a call.

For the convenience of operators it is possible to use the functionality of Own IVR Messages. In addition, you can be sure that information such as call monitoring will always be included in the recording.