Do you solve some of these problems in caring for customers?

We are here for you!

Do you want to…

…improve customer care?

We offer the services of our experts to help solve your problems. We will perform a comprehensive analysis of your customer care, test it and suggest procedures for its improvement.

Or do you want to use in-depth customer care audit services?
Our independent observer (customer care auditor) in your company maps all the processes related to customer care, the technology you use, the motivation of your employees and based on this suggests possible ways to improve and together with you will help deploy these measures to meet exactly your expectations.


…streamline customer inquiries?


We know how to increase the efficiency of your customer line and save time and money. The basis of a highly efficient customer line is automation in communication with customers.

For phone calls, we recognize the caller right at the beginning and, based on information from your CRM, for example, we direct him to the right operator or, for example, to a voicebot, according to a predefined scenario. For example, you can distinguish new customers from existing ones or those who are waiting for the order to be processed from those who have ordered something from you in the last few months.

Email is one of your most important contacts. Do you have an overview of all processed emails, the time of processing, whether all emails are processed at all? The customer wrote an email and then called and you can’t trace the previous communication?

Do you want customers to be able to handle quick queries directly on your website? Then the most convenient way is a simple web chat. But do you want him to handle questions outside of working hours? A chatbot is then suitable for this.

Do you want to have an overview of communication on social networks? Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber? We can do so much more!

…know your customer support numbers?

Not only call numbers are important. Do you know how many interactions your customer support handles per day, per week, per month, or per year? How many emails, wabchates or other forms of communication with your customers pass through your department every day?


…be able to better solve complex customer situations?

We will also help you train agents in your contact center.

…measure the satisfaction of your customers?

We will show you how and what can be easily measured, but also where you can measure satisfaction everywhere? Calls, emails, chats…

…work with reliable people?

We will help you with the selection of new employees for your customer line.

We have a tailor-made solution for everyone.