VoIP & International Phone Numbers Services


With any Cloud based deployment, connectivity is often the key, and no more so than when considering the associated voice services.

Working with several established voice service providers, we ensure that we are able to provide a range of voice services for our customers based on secure SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) services connected through our UK Data centre. SIP is commonly used for establishing sessions between two or more telecommunications devices over the Internet and as such is the foundation of most Voice Over Internet services.


Modern voice solution

Voice over IP services deliver a complete, fully digital, secured, and much cheaper solution when compared to existing expensive legacy landlines they replace.

Online billing

Our customers have the option to access our online Webcare billing application if required, which provides them with realtime listing of their calls and payments. It is available via a secure web interface.

Anti-fraud measures

We have a range of multilayer anti-fraud systems in place which are regularly updated. In addition, customers can limit monthly spends online if required.

Unlimited number of simultaneous calls

Our SIP trunks come with an unlimited number of simultaneous voice channels. No extra licenses or charges are needed.

Number porting

Your current phone numbers can easily be ported-in to our network and if needed, you can port-out your numbers to another operator anytime. All porting fees are regulated by the UK Telecoms regulator (OFCOM).

DID numbers or bulk numbers

We can assign you with a regular fixed number (Direct dial) from 60 countries world-wide. In addition, we can also provide local toll-free services of non-geographic numbers for any of the 60 listed countries.

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●  Supported VoIP protocols are SIP and IAX2
●  Supported codecs are G729, G711a (alaw), G711u (ulaw), GSM, G722, or OPUS
●  Our SIP trunks can be further secured with standardised protocols – SIP TLS and SRTP.
●  Proven compatibility with many vendors – Daktela PBX, Asterisk, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Avaya, Broadsoft
●  Technical support is provided 24×7×365, including proactive monitoring via our Network Operating Centre (NOC)