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In November 2020 CoAltus went live with a unique new dialling solution provided by Daktela UK.

The initial  campaigns created by CoAltus were on behalf of a London based university. The name of the University was displayed on all outbound calls made throughout North America using Caller Name (CNAM) technology available through the Daktela solution.

The application also included the use of innovative dynamic scripting to guide agents through the call and ensure the best call outcome.

The solution incorporated our award-winning PCI-DSS compliant Digital Payment application which ensured that all payments collected were completed in accordance with current Payment Industry Guidelines.

As CoAltus CIO, Jon Skeet says “Educational philanthropy does not require the same approach as traditional telephone fundraising in the charity sector, and nor would it benefit from it.” He went on further to say that “The use of a traditional charity fundraising agency can lose the bespoke, natural feel of conversations with alumni, and can fail to meet compliance criteria. Using the Daktela solution and the team of fundraisers recruited and employed by CoAltus we believe our results will speak for themselves.”

CoAltus are an outsourced fundraising and communications agency founded in 2019 to support higher education institutions improve their fundraising. Their strategy is to create meaningful interactions with Alumni, and bring telephone fundraising for the higher education sector into the 21st Century.

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