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“The Daktela relationship with Limivex works on many levels, as a supplier, customer, and partner of Daktela.”

As one of the leading outbound Sales & Marketing companies in the North Of England, Limivex chose the Daktela system to replace their existing 8×8 Cloud solution in the summer of 2021. The reason for this change was the ability of the Daktela system to complete a level of deep integration to the Limivex Pipedrive CRM solution which is the core platform for much of the work completed on behalf of their clients.

The level of integration with Pipedrive allows Limivex to control all customer communication from directly within the existing Pipedrive software using the Daktela platform as the communication enabling platform. This allows agents on the Daktela system to automatically update all call outcomes on Pipedrive.

Our Partnership extends further as Limivex have been chosen by Daktela to provide our own outbound marketing service and have also been adopted as a partner able to resell the Pipedrive-Daktela package to any new or existing customers they have.

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